My PCE - Quick Reveal


Butterflies & Books
Feb 12, 2010
@ The Library!
For my PCE, I decided on the black patent Jazzy mainly because she's so unusual, and I don't have anything like her in my collection. When she arrived last week and I opened the box I wasn't quite sure I liked her, so decided to give it a few days and if I decided to not keep her I could return her at the FP store when I was in Shreveport.

Well, after a couple of days, she started to grow on me. She is definitely has a style all her own which isn't necessarily my style, but she is fun to carry. She's also very light for a leather bag and didn't hurt my arthritic shoulder when I carried her around all day Saturday.

Here she is!



Aug 30, 2008
I haven't seen this in person but it seems like it would be a great go-to bag. Easy to take care of patent leather, perfect size and I just love the look of her! Glad you are enjoying her.


Jun 18, 2010
Gorgeous! She's so pretty. Congratulations on your buy :smile:

Glad to hear that she doesn't hurt your shoulder. Enjoy :smile: