my PCE purchases

  1. here's my haul from the PCE...being shipped to me!

    [​IMG] (arrived on Friday)



    [​IMG] (in mahogany)


    now it's time to start a new wish list!
  2. NICE haul there.
  3. Nice. Can't wait to see pictures, when you get your goodies.
  4. great scarves ...and got the GiGi! woo hoo! :woohoo:
  5. Very cute scarves!!
  6. I love what you picked up at PCE! That beauty case is Wonderful and I'm thinking about getting one eventually..

    Do you know the item number perhaps?
  7. great buys, congrats!
  8. Taralindsey, the beauty case in chocolate is 40724

    And Ann, I love your Gigi!
  9. What GREAT buys! :tup: I :heart: :heart: :heart: that Beauty case!

    I only wish it came in black.....