My PCE purchases

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  1. I told myself after I bought the scarf rain boots last month that I wasn't buying anymore coach this year.

    And then I got an invite.

    so I HAAAD to go see what I could buy :p

    Anyway, since this was a "bill" week, I only bought the Tatum boots, concentric scarf and the psychedelic scarf to go with this navy blue coat I've been eyeing.

    Now I just need that coat!!!
    Copy of IMG_1608_1_1.JPG
  2. (no joke) You have seriously bought my entire wishlist!:woohoo:

    Great purchase!
  3. I'm obsessed with color can't ya tell lol

    Thanx ;)
  4. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the boots!! Great stuff!! :smile:
  5. I love those boots! You bought some really nice things.
  6. Thanx guys!!
  7. Very nice. The boots look so comfy.
  8. Last day of the sale I bought a keyfob:


  9. that's cute as a necklace!!
  10. :tup: How creative is that!?! I LOVE the look! Very cute and original! :yes::love:
  11. Thanx guys :love: