My PCE purchase- finally! *PICS*

  1. So when I ordered this on the last day of PCE I had no idea it was finally arrived today::heart:
    my crimson signature stripe tote!

    The second pic is with Hamptons Slim Envelope Wallet I bought off eBay a couple of months ago -probably paid too much but it looks cute with the tote!

    What do you think?
  2. :hysteric:OK...technical difficulties...working on the PICS part!
  3. Pics....
    crimson sig stripe tote.jpg crimson tote and wallet.jpg
  4. Oooh.. Those are gorgeous! I love the crimson.
  5. I love it! That tote really is gorgeous. A lady came into the salon the other day with it and the whole time she was getting her hair hilighted, I was staring at it. Then when I went to wash her out, I commented on it and she just started gushing about how much she loved it. It's even more beautiful in person!
  6. Great bag!! I have it in the large and it holds everything!! Congrats!
  7. Yummy! Love the color.
  8. they look great together :smile:
  9. I LOVE the crimson!! I have the larger tote and the wristlet. The crimson looks beautiful with the khaki signature fabric.
  10. Beautiful color!
  11. NOOOOO not more Sig Stripe!!
    That just makes me want mine MOOOOREEE.
    Darn tPF enablers! :p

    I kid, I kid. Great bag! Congrats!
  12. I love this bag I'm so glad they brought it back I'v wanted it since last year,I think I'll get it for christmas this year!!
  13. Great bag!! Glad it finally arrived:smile:
  14. Gorgeous bag and wallet!!!! Congrats!