My PCE purchase!! - Embossed Exotic Audrey!! Pics>>>

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  1. hello! So I was debating wether to get this bag in purple or gray. I ended up buying the python kristin pleated satchel which I wasnt sure about. I think this fits into my wardrobe and lifestyle better. The gray on this bag is a warmer tone of gray more like a taupe, and I love the silver hardware. My first bag with silver hardware actually.

    What do you all think of the size on me?? I usually wear bigger bags but I think I really like this one even thou its on the small size.

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  2. Its a georgeos bag! I love it on you! it looks perfect!
    I sooo want this bag but in purple!
  3. I love this bag - good choice!
  4. beautiful bag, angeldoll -- enjoy her!!
  5. thx love your collection Maes!! (& miami too :smile: :smile: )
  6. So gorgeous on you:love: ... it looks perfect on you! Congrats and enjoy!
  7. She's a beauty and looks great on you.
  8. You are really making me want this looks so great on you!
  9. looks so good! congrats!
  10. stunning bag and looks PERFECT on you!! enjoy it!
  11. Gorgeous choice!!! Looks so fab on you!!! CONGRATS!!!
  12. thanks guys!! I just still not 100% about the size, but loooove the style and color :smile:
  13. I think the size is perfect on you! I have the purple and I typically went for larger bags too. But after carrying Audrey for 2+ weeks, I now think the size is right in the middle of not being too big or too small--love her!!! Congrats--gorgeous color too!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  14. Congrats on getting the audrey in grey!! I just bought it in purple and I adore this bag. It's so beautiful and at first I thought it was too small, but the more I drool.. I mean look at it, I think the size is perfect! It looks great on you! Enjoy!!
  15. Beautiful!!!!
    I have seen Croc Audrey IRL and she is so nice!!!!!
    Great pics!!!!
    Congrats and Enjoy!!!

    Lynne :biggrin: