My PCE Killing

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  1. Well, more like pinching, but I digress...

    She's not here, I had to order. :sad: but she'll be here Friday[I hope...]
    PCE Killing.jpg
  2. I love this scarf! It looks great as a headscarf or tied on a bag. This scarf really brightens an outfit, I think you'll love it. Congrats
  3. This is one of my favorite scarves from Coach! It really does add a touch of brightness to whatever you put it on. I'm sure you'll love it!
  4. I have this scarf and I :heart: it and you will too!

    Great choice!
  5. i got one similar, its the square version, not long. but is that one reversible?!
  6. I bought this one during PCE too and I love it. I've got it tied onto my new red gallery tote!
  7. Yep, on the back it has the crooked signature print in khaki.
  8. Here's a modeling pic:
    Angely Scarf.jpg
  9. Nice purchase!!
  10. CUte!
  11. I love that scarf!! I bought that one and the tattersall one this last PCE. They are both FABULOUS!!