My Pce Haul

  1. No pics yet...but here's the list:

    FOR ME (cos I had to .... I just had to)
    • Star Luggage Tag Charm (it's so smokin hot on my blue Tano bag that I'm carrying today)
    • Sig Stripe Cosmetic Case in silver/black/gunmetal (it's got Legacy stripe lining!)
    • Ocelot Ponytail scarf.... (it's TDF.... !!!)
    • "M" charm for my best friend
    • Penguin key fob for my darling daughter (and he's SO CUTE)
    • Ice Skate Mix key fob and cell phone lanyard for my daughter's figure skating coach
    • Two Hamptons Sig Mini-Skinnies, one brass/khaki/gold and one brass/khaki/chestnut (one for my Secret Santa here at the office and one for my dear daughter)
    My SA told me to "come back all week" and shop!!! hahaha

    I walked around w/ the patchwork Carly over one shoulder and a Bleecker duffle over the other..... and I could only hear my Hub saying, "Please don't buy anything big at Coach today. Please....wait until after Christmas." So I actually abided by his wishes because I gave him a list of the things I wanted 2 weeks ago .... I don't want to ruin his fun on Christmas and whatever I don't get I can just go buy later haha
  2. lots of great things! i'll be going during the week.. but i'm trying to get my list together...:tup:
  3. I pre-ordered a Large Hamptons CarryAll in black leather which they have to mail me. I went over to Macy's and got a silver and white Chelsea optical wristlet and a pink optical picture keychain - I might return the wristlet as we aren't going to the holiday party I got it for anymore :sad: I have too many wristlets as it is.
  4. Woo hoo! Great stuff.

    I need a husband who buys me Coach. Heck, I just need a husband period. LOL!
  5. Me too! :lol:

    OP, great haul! I finally got my list together so as soon as I get my card from a fellow tpf'er, I'll be running out the door!
  6. Great haul girl!!
  7. I can't believe how lazy I've been about pics! haha

    Here's the luggage tag charm on my blue Tano bag.

    It's really gorgeous and BOLD ... it's actually perfect on this bag.
    LugTag1.JPG LugTag2.JPG
  8. Love the star tag. Congrats!
  9. And here's the ocelot scarf!

    I can't post pics of the cosmetic case as I'm not allowed to til Chrismas hahaha
  10. Nice haul, Voodoo!!
  11. Congrats, great haul, LOVE the Ocelot scarf and the cosmetics case is beautiful IRL...Legacy lining is :heart:!

    So nice of you to gift Coach as well!