My PCE haul!!!

  1. Love it all!:yahoo:
    loot2.jpg earrings2.jpg ergo on shoulder.JPG
  2. Oh those earrings are beautiful!!!

    Love the ergo and scarf and everything!! haha...good haul!!!!
  3. is that the vintage leather? how are you liking it? what does it feel like? :smile:
  4. NICE! I just love, love, love the Carly wristlets! And earrings too? Beautiful!
  5. It will be mine too somehow! GREAT HAUL GIRL!!
  6. Yea! You got it! It looks beautiful on you, and you've just made me realize that I have got to go back and get that scraf for my ergo!

    Isn't it amazing how much fits in there?
  7. Love it all! Great choices. Congrats!
  8. Love the bag! Congrats on your purchases!
  9. I love the color and the leather is so soft! Congrats
  10. love it love it love it!!
  11. Gorgeous congrats!
  12. Congrats on the lovely ergo, scarf, earrings, carly wristlet ... it is all beautiful!
  13. yes, it's the vintage and it feels heavenly!:drool:
  14. the scarf was made for this bag!

    I haven't stuffed it yet! LOL I haven't had a chance!