My PCE Goodies!

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  1. Thanks to Ann70821 :heart: I got to use the PCE discount this time around!

    Of course the only thing they had in the store to bring home was the Sig Stripe tote! I have to wait 5-7 days for everything else:cursing: The SA's were very nice and helpful and they showed me some new things like the pink and orange jewelry case and tattersall coin purse key chain.. I also got to see all the new letter charms! They are so cute!!

    I Bought...

    Gallery Signature Large Tote in Brass/Brown/Chestnut


    Signature Stripe Denim Large Tote (see Modeling pics)

    Punch Agenda 3x5


    And The Skull Keyfob

    No Pic..

    Then I got

    Legacy Cell Lanyard as a gift for my sister in law


    And Something for my ROAK buddy!!!! :yahoo:

    I Bought the 2 totes because there wasn't a Large Gallery Tote in the whole place to try on.. I can only keep one...

    When All my Stuff comes in I'm gonna make a poll with different modeling pics for you guys.

    I added pics of my denim tote.. sorry about my kids shockingly yellow bathroom!:wtf:
  2. Love that bag! It looks awesome on you!
  3. Such nice bags! I have the denim tote and love it. :tup:

    Don't you also think the lining of the Gallery tote is yummy? It's the lavender - I got a black one with a dreamy light blue lining.

    decisions.....decisions.....what to keep?!?! Such a hard choice and I'll be of absolutely no help because I love them both equally!;)
  4. Cute pics...the bag suits you nicely
  5. OH my Goodness yes! I loved that lavender lining! I love the Chocolate color too! I really do like both bags equally!

    OH what to do? I think... I think I may keep the denim and buy the smaller chocolate gallery tote later :p I don't really like the smaller denim tote.. it doesnt fit me right
  6. Great choices, and love your pics! That denim tote is adorable, and I just LOVE the agenda. Enjoy your new goodies!
  7. How cute you are with your tote! Glad you got to use pce. I am so considering going back for the gallery tote. How do you like yours?
  8. Eeep! I love that tote!! O_O
  9. yay! welcome to the denim sig stripe bag club! i love mine (i have the med tote).

    You look beautiful too!
  10. I have the denim from last PCE and have not put it down since. The totes are very functional. Congratulations!
  11. GREAT TOTE! It looks amazing on you. It's so versatile!:tup:Congratulations and enjoy.
  12. GREAT purchases!!!! I LOVE the denim stripe signature tote too!!!!!! ENJOY!!!!
  13. Ooh,what great things you got! (and that legacy stripe lining is TDF!)