My PCE and the start of the Holidays...

  1. I am so happy I decided to call and got my SA to let me use the PCE. I placed my preorder yesterday and got.

    The Gallery Leather Laced North South Tote in tabacco for sister
    the Citron Leacy Flap for me
    a suede kiss lock key fob for me
    a skull key fob, no discount, for a friend
    and a leather legacy wristlet in black for a friend.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.:yahoo: I saved a ton of money and started the holiday shopping. Actually, my sister is done so that is a good feeling also.

    The leather bag for me and the key fobs are being shipped so I will take some pics when they come
  2. Good for you!! I'm doing some gifting when I PCE on the 22nd!!!
  3. Sounds great!
  4. why was the skull no discount??
  5. it was new...i guess, they checked, bummer
  6. too bad on the skull :sad: I just got:

    lg belted ergo hobo (black leather)--had to order this one
    legacy scarf
    legacy ponytail scarf
    pisces charm
    legacy stripe tote
    keychain for friend

    Can't wait to get the hobo in!

  7. You are a very generous person! No wonder I always wanted a sister!