********my Paypal Nightmare! Read This!******

  1. I will keep it short but, I had requested funds from my PayPal account a few days ago and usually it takes 2 days, I figured it would hit today...I had a few handbag auctions end over the past few days and everyone ( well 3 buyers)pretty much paid by PayPal. Checked my PayPal account and my account is RESTRICTED, my $$ request was reversed for suspicious activity! They picked ME at random for an audit because I sell highend bags. I have to supply proof of shipping on the auctions that ended this week (I sent the final 2 via fedex tonight) AND I have to give my invoices from my SUPPLIERS! I have tried telling them over and over I dont have suppliers and my bags are MINE from my own collection! They wont listen. I faxed 3 receipts from Chloe and Balenciaga today, not enough. I came home and tore my house apart for more receipts , found 6 more and thats it. I send copies of my receipts with my bags and when I get pos feedback from my buyer I shred them (dont need it anymore)...BAD part? I have $3600 in my PayPal account they wont release. If I dont supply them with my receipts, they will keep the money for 180 days (6 months) and then release it to me when they know there are no claims against me! They are picking random sellers who sell highend bags to do this to! Because of the law suit! My Chloe store changed their computer registers and they cant give me anything prior to last month. I have been on the phone all day. They said they are cracking down on sellers who sell fake bags. I dont sell fake bags! I have perfect feedback over 1500! (well 1 neg from a buyer who didnt pay after I left her neg). They REFUSE to check my feedback or verify I have been selling on ebay since 2/2000. I have only been selling my bags since January, buy some, get tired of them, dont use the, sell them. I'm an impulse buyer...they dont care, they want receipts. WHAT AM I GONNA DO? I need my money!...One nice girl I spoke to said they are going after sellers/paypal accounts who have received money for handbags to do there audits...BEWARE girls if you sell alot! I have to go cry somemore...:crybaby:
  2. OMG!!! This is SOOOOO terrible!:wtf: I don't even know the right things to tell you b/c I just don't know!:sad: I am crossing my fingers and toes for you! I am really sorry for this and you are in my thoughts! I am so done with Paypal! I'm so glad I closed my account last month! This is truly a NIGHTMARE!!!!!! HUGS!!!!!! xoxo
  3. This kinda disturbes me. If they are going to crack down on bags, start with those sellers who sell those gross multiple listings bags at $59.00.

    Cant they tell what is real and fake. .... I hope you get your money soon!!!! I can feel you pain dealing with this type of nonsence.
  4. Donna that makes me so sad!! You DESERVE that MONEY!!! It's rightfully yours!!
  5. Oh Donna, OMG! Paypal is sooo messed up! :censor: I can't believe this! I actually think I just bought a bag from you on ebay, the Ink first. It's fabulous and completely authentic. OMG what can I do to help you?? I'm going to email you now!

    Seriously Paypal needs to be going after the sellers that are selling tons of $59 "authentic" bags! They should not be allowed to do this without proof that you are selling fakes!!!
  6. I hate Paypal....
  7. Donna I am so upset to hear this!! :mad: You are one of the nicest sellers I've ever worked with... This is wrong in every way.... :sad:
  8. Pewter? Is that you? So glad you got your Bbag today!...You guys make me smile!....The bad part is, in one of the auctions that ended yesterday, I mentioned in it that I only had ONE Chloe bag left after this...ONE! And then I wasnt going to be selling anymore because I didnt have anymore to sell!...My timing always did suck....I will be faxing my receipts to PayPal in the morning, and my tracking for my other 2 auctions...we'll see what they say.....thanks guys, love you loads!
  9. Yes it's me, I bought your Ink first! I've been sooo happy today because I LOVE IT and I couldn't wait to come online tonight and leave you pos FB and read about purses and then I read this and I'm sooo sorry this happened!! :mad: Paypal is disgusting! I really hope you get this worked out and they release your funds. PLEASE let me know if there's anything I can do as a buyer to help you!!! I'll definitely contact Paypal if it can help! :flowers:
  10. I'd really advise going onto the Paypal forum, in the Ebay Community links.

    There are people on their that know the Paypal rules inside and out, and should be able to advise you correctly.

    Good luck!!

  11. Well I faxed my tracking for the last 2 buyers who paid me via PayPal and about 11 receipts from Chloe, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga this morning. They confirmed via email that they received them. I will probably get another email in about 2 hours to find out whats going on. I had one auction that ended last night and I begged the buyer to send me a check or Mo and not pay thru PayPal. And she said ok......yesterday I was pretty hysterical about this....I took 3 Tylenol Pm's and slept like a rock, and I have a much better frame of mind this morning....and get this! I received an email from PayPal with a survey attached, they actually want to know if I'm happy with the way they handled my problems....idiots.:cursing:
  12. The scary part is that often if I sell something, I give the buyer the receipt. I guess I better start making copies before I do that. Paypal seems to have gotten much worse since they were bought by eBay... go figure....
  13. I think as a general rule, it's good to hold onto your receipts in case there are any false claims. I would advise not giving buyers your receipts.
  14. I am REALLY sorry to hear about another case of this happening.
  15. I will start sending copies of the receipt instead... this has been a real wakeup call. :sad: