My Payment is UNCLAIMED!

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  1. Hi,

    I bid on and won these great shoes on eBay this past Friday. The seller has been a member since 2005 but has 0 feedback. Normally, I would have not bid on anything from a seller with 0 feedback, but during the auction she answered all of my questions (3 separate emails) about size, condition, etc...very nicely in a timely manner.

    So I won the shoes and paid with Paypal (Credit card) within a couple of hours of the auction ending. My payment shows as "unclaimed" which I assume means that this new seller does not have her Paypal account set up correctly. I have emailed her twice now asking her to contact Paypal (gave her phone #'s too) to get help setting up her account so that she could accept my payment. I have not heard back anything. I know it's only Sunday, but I am getting an uneasy feeling about this auction.

    I tried to sign on to eBay's live help, but it won't connect for some reason. I really, really want these shoes. Should I give her more time or just cancel my payment? I am afraid that maybe she doesn't understand how all this works and she might give me negative feedback even though it's not my fault she doesn't have her money.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. This happened to me the other day ,the seller I had purchased from is not he person who who claimed the money I guess it is under her account but she sold it for someone else. Needless to say the handbag I bought is a fake I had to open a claim with paypal. So if these are expensive shoes I would think twice about it and maybe cancel the payment.
  3. Most likely, this seller has a basic PayPal account, and is not set up to accept credit cards. You must upgrade your PayPal account to accept credit cards, and since she has 0 feedback, she probably doesn't do much business in PayPal and has not upgraded to a business - or "premier" I think they call it - account.

    You may have to pay her with a bank account via PayPal or via money order. HTH :smile:
  4. I just called Paypal because I want to cancel the payment that I made that is still unclaimed, but they are telling me that the only person that can cancel the paymant is the seller. They say I have to wait 30 days or something and Paypal will cancel it if it is still unclaimed. In the meantime, this payment is on my credit card. Should I just call my credit card company? This is ridiculous.
  5. I don't understand how the buyer always gets screwed, we are the ones who give the money and we have to wait for these sellers (who are scammers)to get back to us it just makes me mad that we are the ones who have to wait.That is why I am banning buying from ebay I'd rather pay the extra money and know that I am not getting scammed. I hope this works out in your favor.
  6. So it is unlcaimed and I am assuming there is no "CANCEL" button? Correct?

    If so what is happening here (most likely) is that your seller has a registered address with Paypal but they have a PERSONAL account and not upgraded the account to PREMIER. They have to upgrade the personal account in order to accept your credit card funded payment. If your payment doesn't have a "Cancel" option, the seller will need to manually accept or deny your payment. If not, then your payment will remain unclaimed for 30 days and then it will be automatically refunded back to you (note: this would be refunded to the CC company not to your Paypal account).

    Ok something I have always wondered is whether the charge to the credit card is just on "authorized" mode, and not posted as a charge. It used to be that it would just be authorized but not posted until it is claimed. Perhaps you should contact your CC issuer to find out what this is showing up as.
  7. That's so frustrating... hopefully everything gets sorted out, and I hate how you might have to wait an entire month for everything to be cleared up.
  8. It will also reflect unclaimed if the seller has their Paypal account to get approval before accepting payment from someone without a confirmed address. Do you not have a confirmed addy?? :shrugs:That is just another possible scenario here.:yes:
  9. Well...just an update here! I called my credit card company and the charge is on my account. So I got the seller's contact info. and called her. I explained who I was and she said she had not had a chance to check her email since the auction ended. I tried to explain what she needed to do as far as contacting Paypal, etc...but it was clear that English was definately not her first language, so I am hoping she will get it. She said she would do it tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Thanks.
  10. I won an auction on the 30th and 2 days later my payment was still unclaimed. I got an email from paypal telling me to cancel the payment :confused1:. Go figure.
  11. Most likely what that is is that if you pay with an unconfirmed address, the seller has to accept or deny your payment. Most sellers have paypal set to give them a choice.
  12. My address is confirmed.
  13. Pay Pal will eventually kick the money back to you, The seller only has a limited amount of time to claim the payment. I think it's a week. Then all bets are off.
  14. Paypal told me the seller has 30 days to accept the payment. In the meantime, I will get my credit card bill with the charge already on there. :cursing:
  15. I know when I got my first ever payment from a sale on eBay, I received an e-mail to say funds were pending, but I had to go into Paypal and click to accept the money, all because I had to either agree to the Paypal charges against my PERSONAL account, or else I had to upgrade to the PREMIER account. It's pretty straightforward but for a new seller who is unfamiliar with it all, it's quite daunting. Don't worry, this seller just sounds like she's on unfamiliar territory, so hopefully she'll be able to resolve it now you've spoken to her and told her what to do. She's just new at all this.