My Paws Are Itching!!!


Je Aime Vuitton
Nov 15, 2006
I just can't wait till friday i will pick up my damier geant sable mage!!!:nuts: :wlae:

omg i jus't can't wait well i'll shure post pics when i get it that is if i don't faint!
btw here are some news i just found out so you guys won't think im just wasting you'r time...the miroir line is now in the usa. website under bags and it there's a link to purchase now so im sure it will be abailable on anytime soon maybe by midnight!

@ Antonio, Its more like a GIANT wallet, its roomy for something that big though, and It is Bigger IRL than u think it would be but it wont hold as much as say, the geronimos. I LOVE THE MAGE! Great choice!!!!!!
its not that small it can fit a psp...i'll post capacity pics this friday when i get it:graucho: thanx everyone for the support!:rolleyes:

I dunno when I saw it as the store it seemed pretty thin, but yes it could hold a PSP? Umm it is QUITE large for what it is though, I expected it to be smaller when I saw it IRL. I STILL LOVE IT, I AM SOOOO Convincing my brother to get this!