my patent o/s muse in black

  1. i lost my control last saturday when i got in YSL boutique...i bought another YSL within a month...i just couldnt control myself...
    i went there to have a look at the cream downtown (which i plan to buy if it will be on sale at christmas)
    and finally i ended up with buying the patent leather muse (which i love when i first saw it...and it took me nearly two months to choose croc tribute and give up patent muse last time)
    i guess i am getting crazy about YSL...because now in my mind...i am thinking of the cream downtown too...
    and some of u guys must think i am crazy to get both muse and tribute in black patent leather...but i really love both of them and think patent muse looks younger and cooler...:woohoo:
    YSL Muse2.jpg OS MUSE & L. TRIBUTE.jpg
  2. soo pretty congrats on both your bags!!
  3. Congratulations on another great bag! If you love carrying patent, then you should buy as many as you like. They're still very different bags and I'm sure you'll get a lot of use out of both of them.
  4. Congrats! :woohoo:

    Your bags are beautiful! :tup:

  5. thanks so much for ur comment...i've loved to hear that they are quite makes me feel better:yahoo:
  6. Congratulations! The Muse is really stunning in patent. Love your Tribute too.
  7. So lovely! May I ask where you got your patent muse? Congrats on your new haul!
  8. I :heart: them both!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats. :drinkup:Black patent is really an iconic symbol of old-school YSL, so you made some good choices.
  9. THe SOO nice..I am not familiar with YSL bags..but is that supposed to be a leather crocodile style embossed handbag?
  10. I don't think you are crazt at all for buying two patent YSL bags - they are both very unique and different. Enjoy them! They look great!
  11. For winterpearls3,
    i bought both of my YSL bags from Canton Road boutique.

    For norcalgrl,
    the tribute is quilted croc style on top of patent leather.
  12. This patent muse is gorgeous :drool:. Congrats!
  13. i love your two patent ysl bags so cute! I'm thinking about purchasing the patent muse too... just need to save up for it!

  14. good choice!!! IMO, i really think patent muse is better looking than regular leather...:tup:
  15. Congrats on your o/s Muse. You're off to a great collection. Don't doubt your choices, I myself purchased the large croc quilted patent Tribute in black soon after I purchased my medium black patent downtown! They're beautiful in their own way, different character for each different style. Now I don't know what color o/s Muse to get, but that's my next target.

    Enjoy your YSL bags!