My Patent Croco Embossed Downtown

  1. Bought this downtown tote about a month ago when I was looking for the large patent croco tribute. NM was sold out of the tribute at that time so they directed me to the downtown in patent. I haven't seen any threads with this particular tote in it so thought I would share. I haven't used it yet as I secretly still have my heart set on the large croco tribute. What do you think? Is this too much shiny patent? It is the medium size with croco embossing similar to the muse. The price was $1,595.

  2. Congrats for your new Downtown! The patent is awesome!:tup:
    I think the medium Downtown Tote looks so gorgeous and classy.
    The large one is too big for me.
    But for Muse, I love the large size. :shrugs:
    Unfortunately, Im not a Tribute gal...I just prefer the ROCK!
    Maybe you have to use will love it, I think.;)
  3. I think it's a cool look for the Downtown and it's not any more patent than a Large Tribute would be. If you have your heart set on the Large Patent Quilted Tribute, they have it available on the boutique, but I really like this Downtown, too. Maybe you need both!
  4. I think this downtown is fabulous! Love the embossed croco patent~ I have the quilted patent downtown and wished it has those front pockets! If I saw this one at the store, I would totally get this instead!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!:tup: Congrats on your purchase.
  5. Gorgeous!
  6. I think it's gorgeous. Love how it looks in patent and in this color.
  7. I LOVE this bag! I tried it the other day - it's great. Definitely not too much - I like how you can smoosh it to your body when you wear it.

  8. hi, i think u made a right decision!!! its as great as my large croc tribute. it was lucky that i didnt see ur embossing croc downtown when i bought my croc tribute, otherwise
    it would be very hard for me to choose one of them. anyway...congrats!!! LOVE it!!!:tup:
  9. Love your YSL bag, Dolce Vita! Congrats and welcome to tPF. :tup: It deserves to be shown BIG.

    (p.s.--I bought a large black patent Downtown in July, and I've had no regrets whatsoever!)

  10. I love my patent downtown! This one is even better because of the croc embossing....enjoy!
  11. I agree with ^Bali! The moc croc makes it even better!

    I think you have the best of both bags.

    I love your downtown! :tup: It's gorgeous!

  12. Does it have the patent leather with a slight grain to it or is it the unblemished, ultra smooth kind of patent leather?
  13. love the croc embossed so soft and forms to your body. i just bought the large downtown and never thought i'd fill it even half full but the room is great and so light weight. they had it at Saks last weekend for 20% off!!
    enjoy your a great look for dull fall days.
  14. congrats!!
  15. The downtown reeks coolness so congrats on your purchase! I have the medium plain black patent w/ double pockets, it makes me happy(and turned the head of a very jealous girl as she walked past me yesterday outside YSL and Gucci, teehee :rolleyes:). I did see IRL the quilted croco patent(minus pockets), and the embossed croco patent yesterday. Personally I thought the embossed medium so classy, very YSL. The embossed with pockets is a bit much for my taste, maybe one feature at a time showcases these bags better...nevertheless, if it makes your heart sing whenever you look at and use it, it's all good. Enjoy :okay:!