my patent Croc Quilted Large TRIBUTE

  1. :heart:Finally i bought a patent Croc Quilted Large TRIBUTE:heart:...bought it on Monday...luckily still got the large size (the stuff told me it was the last size large in the YSL boutique from CANTON ROAD, HK)...:heart:I love muse and downtown too:heart:...(it took me two months to make this decision)...Hopefully will save money for another YSL bags by Christmas...Its my first YSL bag...:heart:I LOVE IT:heart:...:heart:LOVE MY TRIBUTE!!!:heart:
    tribute.jpg new.jpg
  2. Congrats!!! It looks gorgeous on you!!!
  3. Thanks :smile: !!!
  4. LOVE it! What a great choice for a first YSL!!!!!! Congrats and enjoy your new bag.
  5. Love your new bag!!! Congrats!!!:tup:
  6. Whoa! I love it!!
  7. Ahhhh it looks wonderful on you! :love:
  8. great bag! aren't you lucky to get the last one - I love it when that happens!
  9. Yes...i am so lucky to get this large tribute...and it's a great choice for the first YSL...and my second YSL will be DOWNTOWN...i am saving money for it...i totally fall in love with YSL now...
  10. Congratulations! What a great bag. Love it. It looks fabulous on you.
  11. Congratulations.
  12. It's absolutely gorgeous, and looks great on you! Congratulations!
  13. There's a whole lotta love here for the bags you admire - Tribute and Downtown. Youve come the right place. Welcome to the club :tup:!
  14. :drool: is all I can say!

    Do you guys see this purse as classic or something that's trendy? I'm looking for something that will be somewhat timeless - tired of spending $ on bags that I get sick of after a while. Thanks for any thoughts!
  15. ^^^ I see this as a classic piece. Gorgeous bag Amelia! Congratulations! I was in the store yesterday and was eyeing this myself. Love, love, love it! It's such an elegant, classy yet functional bag:tup:. Love everything about it - specially that subtle "y" logo.