My Patent Coin Purses are here!!! (pics)

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  1. They're finally here and they're gorgeous. I was at work when I saw online that they have been delivered at the house. :yahoo: I just couldnt wait to get home to open my "presents". Anyways here they are, and touched it all over and it doesnt have a problem with fingerprints, none at all.
  2. Beautiful!
  3. They are exquisite! Congrats - I will have to get one/both of them.
  4. georgous! very christmas-y colored! but still beautiful!
  5. so pretty!
  6. nice, congrats!!
  7. so pretty!

    i want the red one.
  8. merry christmas! LOL! they're cute! congrats!
  9. Very pretty! I want an emerald one!
  10. They are sooo pretty. I think one of these will be next on my list.
  11. Cute picks!
  12. Thanks everyone. :heart: They are very christmassy together huh. But I love them. Havent tried them out with my purses yet. Now I really really want to get the white one. :happydance:
  13. I don't really think of Christmas when I look at them though.
    I think of bright green Granny Smith apples and red Apples! :yes:
  14. Congratulations and it looks like we think a like. I got them yesterday too!
  15. they are tooo cute!!i just dont know if i can justify them or not though (for myself)