My Passion for Jaune club (all yellows welcome)

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  1. Hi there all. I'm getting a preloved Jaune Passion sarah wallet. should be arriving in the next week or so :smile: Couldn't find a club house for this fabulous colour, so started this one. Hope all of you other yellow lovers might choose to post your yellow items here...:biggrin:
  2. I love yellow too!!!
  3. Here is my yellow...

  4. Awesome... Love jaune!! Here are my goodies...
    image-3162735668.jpg image-3064433036.jpg image-249629747.jpg
  5. Awe this is too cute. My yellow is small but special.


  6. wow, love all of your yellow ladies :smile:
    I'll post my wallet tonight!
  7. are there no other yellow lovers out there? i would have thought there were more yellow kusama speedy lovers....
  8. image-2992351512.jpg

    My contributions...