My PARMA cosmetics bag that can totally double as a clutch!

  1. I bought this at the same time I got my wallet and coin purse, but I think it deserves its own thread!
    I nearly missed this – I was about to check out when I saw this beautiful thing sitting on the cashiers counter and immediately snatched it. The color is soooo pretty, a wonderful purple splattered with gold. I can’t see myself using this as a cosmetics bag, and will use this as a clutch instead (I’m short with small hands, so it looks quite right =))
    bvcosme1.JPG bvcosme.JPG
  2. Beautiful color..and it looks so soft and supple!!
  3. Loooove it. This has been sold out in London for a while. Great buy!
  4. i saw this in Saks the other day and thought it was beautiful, congratulations!! i would certainly use it as a clutch. may i ask how much it cost?
  5. very pretty!!
  6. ricky11 -- it was USD 590. Pricey for a cosmetics bag, but a steal for a clutch!
  7. Simply stunning! Congratulations!
  8. So gorgeous! BV box clutches starts from USD1000 and up. Congrats!

    Please post pic of you wearing it.
  9. What a fabulous trip to BV you had, chiaoapple!!

    That cosmetics bag is sooooooooo GORGEOUS!! :love: I would totally use it as a clutch too! :yes:
  10. pardon my ignorance... but i thought parma was purple... why does your clutch look goldenish? or... is it just my terrible monitor displaying it incorrectly?
  11. The base color is purple, with gold "splattered" all over it... So generally the bag appears purple with gold overtones (but the gold does not appear on every inch of the leather)... Sorry I can't describe it better, but it's so pretty IRL :heart:
  12. Love your beautiful bag! Does it have a magnetic closure?
  13. It is gorgeous! It looks like a wallet I almost bought over the weekend. You can definitely use it as a clutch too!
  14. having recently seen the color, i agree with your description, chiaoapple. its so gorgeous and i usually don't love purple at all!!
  15. Saw this cosmetics pouch at the BV boutique a couple of weeks ago...almost got it...
    I wish I would's sooo pretty!