My Parker white hippie leather seems to be very crumpled looking? Need advice pls!

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  1. Hey ladies!

    Bought a white Parker convertible Hippie 13411 this week and not sure if I should keep it. I love the color and style, but I'm having a bit of an issue with how the leather looks/lies. It seems to be crumpled or weird looking. What do you guys think? Am I crazy or is something off with the leather? I went into Coach today to try and compare and they only had black ones, but the leather felt much thicker and looked "smoother", but not as soft. Does it look okay in the photos? Thanks!

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  2. Are you stuffing it tight with tissue when not in use? It does look wrinkly and this could possibly be the problem.
  3. This seems to be an issue with some of the hippies. It would drive me nuts!
  4. Is there anything in the bag at all? Maybe if you put some stuff in it that might help get rid of the crumple look. I had a Hippie in Mushroom but returned it because of creases.
  5. it's empty, but the leather looks the same when i've stuffed it too. it doesn't really bother me, but i'm wondering is this how it's supposed to look?
  6. jeh3v i will try stuffing with tissue when not in use - thanks!
  7. Ooooh... then return her. That's not how I got my Hippie.
  8. It might of been a side cut of the hide they used.
  9. thanks, ladies. i think i am going to return her, but maybe for the black, which felt sturdier and looked smooth.
  10. I would return it, too. Maybe have them bring out other bags for you to inspect before you do the exchange. Best of luck!
  11. I don't know about the wrinkles, but I LOVE the way that bag looks & hangs. I saw a woman wearing a cinnamon one on her shoulder on my way home from work today.

    Ugggh... I think I desperately want a Cinnamon Parker Hippie now.

    Darn you for looking so awesome wearing that bag!:nogood:
  12. This is why i like the smaller hippies. Im thinking wrinkles might be less of an issue on smaller leather ones. Only because they will lay diff on your body etc. Clear as mud right? LOL
  13. I think the crumpled look would bother me...that said, the style looks great on you :yes: Hope you can find one you love.
  14. You're right, the leather doesn't look right. I usually love white bags, but I think the crumpling would be more noticeable in the white leather. I have the small cinnamon and so far no problems. I'd take it in and look at the other bags and other colors and then maybe do an exchange or get a credit for one of the new colors. If you want to try the small, JAX has white, pink pearl, and cinnamon in the small, and coming soon will be bronze and "pearl". In the large, mahogany and graphite are supposed to be coming soon.
  15. Is this from the original Parker release. I *think*the leather felt different because the first colors released used a different, thinner leather. The newer ones have a thicker, more sturdy leather. Maybe I can help convince you to get one of the thinker leather ones instead?

    Someone had posted and returned the mushroom hippie due to the same issue. However, my thicker pink pearl leather has held up great, no crumpling.