My parked car got hit...

  1. Last Tuesday, after midnight, I heard a loud sound outside my home. When I looked outside, I noticed my car was not where it was parked, but further down the road. I called 911 because I wanted someone to come help, since I live alone with my cat, Betty. When the cop came, I realized the car that hit mine also hit the neighbor's car down the road. We both parked next to a hill and the jerk hit my car first, then drove on the hill (45 degree angle maybe) to hit the neighbor's car.

    I was in shock...I did not know what to do and completely shut down (I have anxiety, panic attack issues). It is all starting to sink in and now I'm angry. My car is totaled and his insurance just wants to give me a check ASAP. They even cancelled the payment on the rental car today, and this I know because the rental car company called me, not Jason, his insurance guy. I'm assuming Jason wants me to take the peanuts he is offering me for my car, so he can then sell it to a junkyard to get money for a great engine, etc.

    What also bothers me is that the kid (23 yr. old) told the cop and I he was coming from a bar, yet no breath-alyzer was done and not even a ticket was issued. The cop report admits the kid "had been drinking but didn't appear under the influence." Like a friend said, what does one have to do to appear under the influence? Apparently hitting one car and driving on a hill to hit another car in a private, residential area doesn't count.

    After getting yelled at by my younger sister, my mom and my boyfriend for not speaking up or asking for the guy's info (my sister later tracked him down) and cleaning the road of debris myself, I stayed in bed for 2 days before my BF showed up on Friday. He is back at work in NYC, and now that I got the call from Enterprise saying I will have to pay for the rental as of today, I'm not sure what to do...I just want my car back. I had it paid off, and took great care of it (new tires, new fluids, new brakes, new filters-cars have so many filters.) *sigh* :sad:

    My car was parked where the hill starts (where you see the dirt) and the car futher down is the one that also got hit. :crybaby:
    car4.jpg car9.jpg car10.jpg hill4.jpg
  2. Ugh! What a PITA! I know exactly what you're going through! My father's Jeep was hit while parked on our street and the girl ended up totalling it! She said she saw an animal and swerved... into a parked car. Right, makes sense. LOL. I'm sorry it happened to ya. You had a pretty car. Just go through the motions and do whatever you need to so you can get the money to fix your car or pay for an equally good replacement and to pay for the rental. If they give you any crap, fight like hell and stand your ground to get what you deserve. In our case, the girl's insurance paid for a really stupid, HUGE, gas-guzzling Durango for a rental. If something doesn't get resolved, I'd take the police report and head to small claims.
  3. OMG you poor thing!!!!

    I am so sorry for your situation...I know what a pain in the butt stuff like this is! :sad:

    If this happened to me, I would be tempted to file a lawsuit. He just had such a blatant disregard for other's safety, it is infuriating. What happened if someone had been in the car when it had been hit?!?!

    Also, I would file a complaint against the police officer for not administering a sobriety test...that seems very strange :sad:

    Good luck!! :smile:
  4. He really did a job on your car. Hindsight is always 20-20, don't beat yourself up over what you could have/should have done. I have been hit more times than I would have liked, and it always ends up costing me time and money. My husband one had a truck BACK INTO our car at a stop sign. He didn't call the police because the driver said the company would take care of it. Of course they denied liability and I had to sue them in small claims court. Heard from their insurance company rather quickly after that.
  5. Oh, I am so sorry....Call your insurance, and let them handle it....that's what they are there for :smile: I hope it gets squared away soon.
  6. I am so sorry that happened to you! It's awful I was also in a car accident recently. In November exactly 1 month after I had major surgery a stupid idiot hit me! I am still in a rental!! It's so awful I want MY car already the body shop has had my car since the end of December!!! I hope everything gets resolved right away there's nothing worse than when awful things just drag on.
  7. Thank you so much for the kind words and advice from all. I really appreciate you all, especially because it is so hard for me to open up. I will definitely look into filing a complaint with the police dept.

    Looking back, I know the cop was very nice, asking me if I was OK and such. He also gave the kid a ride home even though he lives a few houses up the street. I guess I would like to know why the kid got off so easy, and so do my friends.
  8. Honestly, I would call and chat with the cop's superior officer or file a complaint. Did the officer at least take a report about the accident? Don't let the kid's insurance company jerk you around. Maybe if you call your insurance agency, they will get their agent/attorney to pester his insurance company. Also, I am sorry this happened to you. I hope everything works out.
  9. Because my brother is a cop, I will say, they are prety good at figuring out the situation pretty quickly, I am sure if the cop thought he wasn't drunk, he probably wasn't. More like just an inexperienced driver who made a mistake. JMHO
  10. I'm sorry that happened to you. I am glad you were inside. Good luck with everything.
  11. Wow ! What a creep. I hope everything works out in your favour. Good luck !
  12. Did you get a 2nd opinion on your car? Are they lowballing you? Fight it. I got t-boned at 45 mph and my car (miata - lucky I wasn't killed) wasn't totalled. It should have been but they offered me $2800 to fix when it turned out to be more than $7800. Make sure you have your car looked at other than HIS insurance co.
  13. your car is not totaled! it's completely fixable, just take it to a body shop and get an honest estimate and forward that bill to his insurance company. they should pay for all of it and you'll probably just pay a deductible. i crashed my car last year going like 45mph into a guy who decided to turn left right in front of me, because turning into oncoming traffic is always a good idea. it was like $10,000+ of damage and my entire front was smashed in. his insurance paid for all of it, and i just had to pay a $500 deductible. i'll post a picture when i find one. it was really really bad.

    you'll be fine!
  14. OMG! Where do you live or what state where you in when he hit it??? My friend lives in NC and she said something happened like what you're describing EXACTLY!!! The guy is in the Marines and he was really drunk and hit a parked car going 70 mph!!! Was that you??

    SO sorry this happened!!
  15. HOLY CRAP! I'm so sorry!!!!!!