My Parisian consignment finds

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  1. #1 Feb 17, 2014
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    I went to Paris for the first time last week. I truly enjoyed myself. I live for consignment shops, so here's everything I found. Thanks for letting me share!

    First item, this lovely Hermes scarf. An old design, but I still love it.

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  2. Next item was a very cute Valentino bag

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  3. Then this Chanel scarf

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  4. And a Dior scarf

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  5. And I bought this beauty online from BBOS while I was overseas and it was waiting for me when I got home!

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  6. Pretty scarf. I have the same scarf but different colorway! I found mine at a second hand store for 8 bucks!
  7. cute purse!! how are the prices at consignment shops in Europe?
  8. Absolutely lovely finds, LabelLover81!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!! :smile:
  9. It looks like you had an amazing first time in Paris! So many lovely finds:girlsigh:
  10. Hello,
    That is cute... i would like to gift it to my friend...
  11. I love the dark red CW as well. ;)

    It was a bit higher than I would have liked. But the selection couldn't be beat! 100s of chanel, plenty of H

    Thank you!M

    Aw, thanks AP. :hugs:
  12. I see them on ebay quite often. You can always authenticate it here before purchase
  13. I always thought the prices would be good (especially for French brands), but the consignment shop I went to (Les 3 Marches de Catherine B) was so incredibly high priced that I didn't bother wasting time to find other shops. Might try in the summer, but gosh that place was so high priced I thought I was misunderstanding the sales guy.
  14. :lol: I went there as well and had the same thoughts! It was nearly impossible to find those two shops then I was so upset when their prices were nearly retail.
    I went to Reciproque at Rue de la Pompe. They were expensive as well, I had to dig for hours (literally, I thought my husband would cry) before I found these goodies.
  15. Yes, that place was so hard to find. DH had to stop and ask for directions I think 2 times when we were only right around the corner. Their bag prices for birkins and kellys were way more than retail! I was looking at a bag that was 10x retail- it was a limited edition but not even an exotic skin or anything! I thought I misunderstood- I had to ask how many zeroes there are, 2, 3 or 4.

    There were other Americans there, and 1 attempted haggling with him. She kept insisting that she's a good person to know because she has so many friends in the US that she can refer to him :lol: