My Paris Trip so Far

  1. WELL I have been in Paris for 1.5 days.

    Yesterday I went to Hermes at the end of the day. They had no birkins.

    I am not in the market for a birkin....but something about the catch about getting it. the excitement, I had to ask.

    I do want a black box kelly with gold hardware....I know 35cm not souple is too big...and 32 cm is perfect.

    I found out that my local USA hermes is getting a 32cm souple black box with gold kelly for fall so I am on the list

    BUT.....the Paris mothership Hermes.....has a 32cm not souple with gold black box. its on hold for me now.

    I don't know if I can pull the trigger. I didn't come to buy a Hermes I might wait. I am so confused.

    ANYWAY...the George V store didn't have much at all. a croc birkin, etc.....and I couldn't believe how small it was.

    but walking into the Mothership..WOW huge! I couldn't breath!

    Yesterday I bought a plisse for my mother in law but nothing for myself.

    I have so many thoughts running thru my I get a mini kelly, a CDC, a massai, that kelly on hold or what!!!

    anyway...we went again today right at closing.

    A SA was looking on the computer for birkins for a lday. they had 30cm etoupe...he went to get it...

    in the meantime...2 SAs were SO rude. I asked about birkins...they said none....and I was like what about the lady that was gettting the etoupe brought up....

    they were like it must be her special order...

    I was like NO you asses.....and then on SA was like oh yes that one was available.

    anyway...the lady turned it down.....and I just don't like people treating me like crap so I left.

    but anyway. that is my update.

    I can't believe how big that store is. tons of other bags just no birkins.......

    so I don't think I am going to buy anything or that kelly.

    it comes down do I want souple or not.....

    I don't know if I really save that much even after I get my VAT back....after the conversion from Euro to USD, etc
    so I don't know. I don't like people being rude to me....
  2. Sorry the SAs were rude to you. That can really ruin the whole experience. but that being said, you are in Paris and having a wonderful time! If you feel that you absolutely LOVE the kelly, then go back there and get your kelly! Otherwise, just enjoy yourself! Treat yourself to the wonderful food, sights, architecture and people! You can always get your H bag here!
  3. thanks alot! I mean I know they get alot of people in there...but I had my dogon in hand and my passport its not like I had nothing. I didn't look horrible....I have nice things on...but oh well!

    they are holding till tomorrow.

    I don't think I am ready to purchase due to my recent brighton blue birkin purchase.

    I almost wanted to pounce on that etoupe though! it was beautiful!

    so many thoughts in my head! its hard not to want to buy anything from hermes paris!
  4. it might be nice to have the kelly you were going to get anyway as a souvenir from your trip. it will always be your paris kelly, kwim?

    did they have any other kellys? anything in a 35?
  5. oh and sorry they were crap to you!
  6. GUCCIGAL - our Orchids is also there! you might spot her at the Paris H store too, one of these days!

    good luck to you!
  7. ^^^ actually a couple more of our H ladies are in Paris right now...
  8. its a Paris PF convention!

    they had a BEAUTIFUL 35cm kelly in veau chaminox. WOW it was AMAZING.

    george V was SO nice to me!
  9. Oh, that is dispicable that they were rude toward you.

    Enjoy your day and when your perfect bag comes it you'll know..........
  10. I'm so sorry they were not nice to you...
    I remember reading about some super nice SA at the flagship store awhile back. Was one named Jennifer? Maybe other tPFs can help with their names. Perhaps you can ask for her instead?
  11. Well,..if it helps any they were rude to Oprah too at closing time...:shrugs:

    Rigide Kellys are more $ than souple Kellys as far as price..if thathelps in your decision..

    Enjoy Paris!
  12. Sorry they were rude, I know what you mean about buying something just being a turn off after that. I thought they were a bit chilly in the Paris store when I was there in the fall. Seemed hard to get help until we started a little pile of things - ties, china, etc. Then they were more helpful. I didn't really look at bags though because I was in the market for other things. We did the VAT forms and it was easy to get my refund.

    The SAs in the other stores in the area, Goyard, Lanvin, Cartier, seemed much nicer, well except for Colette, where they pretended not to understand my English, so I switched to French which they had to acknowledge. It was quite ridiculous.
  13. oooo, if their mistreatment of you turns you off from buying a bag their, they did you a favor in helping you wait (if you're not quite ready to pull the trigger, as you said). if, on the other hand, you've fallen for this kelly, it's kind of the ideal/romantic place to buy and enjoy it.
    in the stars and hermes thread there is a recent pic of renee z. with a sellier (not souple) kelly, i don't know the size, in black croc, if you want to look at it to see how sellier looks on someone else. that helps me sometimes.
    i don't know where you live/shop, but i thought paris was always the best option, price-wise.
  14. Your post was detailed and probably the exact way you felt! It actually was a great read for me after a long day. See what else may come your way in Paris...think about the black box Kelly. It is a great find and from Paris it makes it a tiny bit better. Have a special time while you are still in Europe.
  15. winternight, that is a terrible story from colette. :push:
    but to have french in your arsenal - lucky you!