my paris biarritz tote side pocket button closure fell off =(

  1. i'm just wondering if anyone else had this problem. i have not abused the bag in any way, yet one of the snap button on the side pocket fell off today:sad:. it was there this morning when i took my son to his playgroup and in the car on the way back, i noticed that it's gone.

    i called the chanel at holt renfrew and they said to bring it in to see if they can repair it locally or else they'll need to send it to paris and that will take 2-3months. i hope they can repair it locally, i mean it's not a big damage. i hope they can replace it as i've bought this tote to use in the winter months.

    i'm going to go to holt renfrew as soon as my son has finished his lunch and i'll post again later.

    thanks for listening...if anyone has encountered this/ experienced repair with chanel, please share it with me:heart:
  2. good luck!! let us know how it went!!
  3. Are you talking about the silver round disk with the CCs on the outside of the pocket or the part on the inside that it snaps onto?

    I bought this bag to carry a ton of stuff. Chanel advertised it as a travel bag. I would expect it to be a lot sturdier than what you described. :tdown:
  4. I have had to repair my Cloudy bundle twice. The first repair (hardware snap/ring was lose) took 7 weeks, but when I got it back they forgot to reattach the hardware (CC hanging from the leather string). So, it took another 5 weeks to get it back the second time.
  5. i'm back from holt renfrew. the SA was very helpful. at first she said that because they don't have the parts, she'd need to send the bag to paris (which would take 2-3months). i didn't really want to do that cause i bought the bag to use as a daily bag during the winter. so, i asked her if she can order the button closure in and repair it locally. she said yes and it'll take a few weeks. i can bring the bag in anytime convenient for me.

    anyway, since my son was still napping (he didn't wake up even though i moved him from the car to the stroller and back to the car:p)...i decided to search my car. i was hoping that it fell off in the car and it DID. i found it the metal cc disc on the floor mat and the screw bit in the side pocket. i was so so happy that i found the parts. i took a close look at the parts and they're just screwed in together and i fixed it myself:yes:. i also made sure that the other side is screwed on tight.

    i think i was very lucky, but perhaps this experience is a good thing to share.

    another thing, the SA told me that she hasn't seen the closure button coming undone before; but she's had people coming in with the ring handle coming off (the hardware around the handle on the bag).
  6. i was refering to the silver round disc with the CC's on the outside of the pocket.
  7. ^^ Thank you! I also have this bag and I'll keep an eye on my "parts" just like you said.

    I'm starting to become very disillusioned with Chanel bags...
  8. What is going on with quality control lately? Do they exist, or did they all quit and go somewhere else? For the amount of money (especially with price increases blah, blah, blah), you would expect these parts to be screwed on tight enough. Do I have to start carrying a tool kit around or something... just in case my Chanel bag starts falling apart?!?! Absolutely ridiculous.
  9. My PB silver/white bag is also starting to yellow at the white parts... Don't know if Chanel can clean it for me :sad:
  10. ^i hope chanel can clean it for you.
  11. I can't believe you even had to repair the thing in the first place. Crazy.

    It's one thing to make artful fashions, but if it's not wearable then how can you call it clothing?
  12. oh dear; makes me wonder if i shld get a Chanel now...........
    But glad for u that u got it fixed urself :smile: