My Paris Biarritz Tote is here *pics*

  1. Hi, have been real busy lately but managed to visit home (in Singapore) last week and got the PB tote that lovely girlfriend helped me get all the way from Heathrow..:heart:

    And ... am soooooo very happy to finally meet Shiny_Hair IRL...:woohoo:Hi dear *wave hands* , it was sooo much fun....we should do it again...your black reissue is so gorgeous on you ....:p

    So before I go to bed (very sleepy) below are the pics I have promised to post...thanks for letting me share:

    This is me wearing it, the bag is a bit flat as it was in the luggage for a while, this is the medium tote without the side pockets, 519 pounds at Heathrow, selling at HKD10300 here in it :tup::
    PB 005.jpg

    Together with my MB227 and old Baby...still love love:

    Bought the :heart:black caviar Jumbo silver HW a while a go, here's a pic of it next to my MB227, they are about the same size:
    227 N Jumbo.jpg
  2. oh it looks so fab on you!

  3. wow Congrats, love your flaps!:heart::p also this bag looks alot better without the side pockets:tup: looks amazing on you! ur rocking too,
  4. Beautiful bag, congrats!
  5. IceEarl, congrats, it looks great on you!
    Love your flaps too...

    Question on your PB tote, does it have a zip on top? TIA.... I'm looking for a bag that I can take with me on my travels, and would love to have a bag that I can feel secure about :smile:
  6. i am really warming up to this biarritz line--it looks so nice on you! seeing all your lovely black bags together i know why people can't get enough of chanel in black!
  7. Thanks thegraceful1, you are sooo right about the side pockets, my girlfriend has the one with the side pockets and she said she feels like going to a picnic everytime she carrys it...

    After taking a second look at my pic, I feel so sorry for the tote... it looks very very much better when I stuff it with things and the sides actually tuck in nicely....sorry PB :p..

  8. Wow Iceearl, It looks fab on you. Even the medium looks so big!. I'm lovin my medium hobo, it slouches nicely on the shoulder once you put some stuff in. You got yours at a great price too! Love the flaps as well we are nearly bag twins I have the same jumbo and baby cabas :heart::heart:. Is your PB the matt one from last season or the shinier one from this season.
  9. beautiful bag and it looks fabulous on you!
  10. You know, I wasn't a fan of this bag (or ligne really) until I saw it on you. It looks wonderful on you!
  11. Congrats on your new PB! I love this size and it looks gorgeous on you !:tup:
    jumbo and met blk are great too!:nuts:
  12. :tup: It looks great on you!
  13. ladydeluxe, jfhave: thanks ladies for your compliments..:smile:

    ldldb: how could you not have a PB in your awsome collection...heeheee
    about my black collection, my girlfriends said I am a Black & White TV as I have mainly B & W in my my purses ...and the other girlfriend is named the Color TV...go figure:p

    Hi Eiffel21: Yes the tote has a zip on the opening, I think it's a great tote for travelling, I can even carry my laptop in it... if you have a chance go try it out in the store if you can find one.. it's light and fits alot...
  14. Hi Syma twin, thank you sooo much... you ladies at the UK Chanel Club thread were so helpful in providing all the info I needed to get this tote at Heathrow... *kiss kiss*

    Yeah I thought it was called the big tote but at the Chanel website it's stated as the medium tote... mine is the shinier version, I was actually eyeing on the matt one but was not available anywhere... after I saw my tote last week, I am loving the shiny material more and more, very similar to the metallic black reissue..:heart: I just adore it..
  15. feifei87, Stophle, Chanelspell, jeannebar: thanks sooo much for your warm compliments... I am enjoying the tote so much...thanks again for letting me share...