My parents new kitten- Louis

  1. My parents have added kitten to their house and his name is Louis. They have a small Yorkie Terrier (Sweets) also. I just thought I'd share some pics of their new baby....:love:
    Louis[1].jpg louis%203[1].jpg louis%20%26%20tpf[1].jpg sweets%20%26%20louis[1].jpg sweets%201[1].jpg
  2. Ohhh Louis is so cute!! Congrats!
  3. Aaaaw, congrats on a new kitten - he's so cute:yahoo: Nothing is more fun than having a kitten in the house - although they grow up so fast :sad: And Sweets is also soo adorable :love:
  4. Cute kitten and adorable doggie!
  5. aww! I really like that last picture of Sweets especially...looks like a little piggy. It's a dog looks like a piggy often too. ;)
  6. ^ a piggy, too cute!!!! I love little doggies!! what kind of dog do you have?
  7. Louis is SOOOOOOOOO cute!! congrats !! (the little dog is adorable!!)

    he reminds me of the time when i first got my kitten.. so cute and small..
  8. Louis and Sweets are so cute! They're going to be buddies!
  9. awww he is adorable! I don't like cats, but that one is sooo cute!
  10. heheh I have a chihuahua. :love:
  11. So cute! :nuts: :love:
  12. They both are so cute. Nothing cuter than a kitten or puppy.
  13. Adorable!
    I'm sure they'll be best buds!
  14. Love them both, beauties!
  15. ahhhh tudder!!! I could eat her up!!!!!!!