My parents just sent me beautiful white roses!

  1. I knew they were planning something but I wasn't sure exactly when.

    They were for Easter (belated - my mom was sick over Easter) and for me getting an A in my Medical Terminology class.
  2. Awww, how neat for you. Enjoy!
  3. How sweet! They must be lovely. And congrats on the "A"!
  4. Aww I hope you like them and are enjoying them! Glad to hear the parents did that for you =) it's nice to hear after the $$ issues.

    Congrats on your A as well!! Go Girl!
  5. awww that's sweet :smile: and congrats on getting an A
  6. sounds great! good job getting the A. :yes:
  7. How sweet!

    White roses are my fav!!
  8. very nice!
  9. that's so sweet!
  10. How sweet!! And congrats on ya A! :flowers:
  11. Very sweet of them! Congrats on your "A"!
  12. that's sweet
  13. How sweet!! :smile: That was really nice of your parents :smile:
  14. That is so nice! I love white roses! COngrats on your A!!
  15. V.V nice what wonderful parents you have. Congrats on your results.