My parents don't eat veal anymore!

  1. For the longest time, my parents liked veal. I don't and they both know how I feel about it. If my mom cooked it, she would make me something else.

    My mom would be the one to order it in restaurants, so I once tried to tell her about how bad it was, but she didn't want to listen. I didn't want to push, as I believe in the concept of "disagree with me, but please don't try to convert me."

    About a week ago, I was on the phone with my dad when he said he and my mom have been talking and they both decided not to eat it anymore.

    (And when I was talking to my mom, she told me she also decided not to eat foie gras anymore.)
  2. It's funny, because so many people have made this decision that there is humane veal on the market now.

    I don't know if it's truly humane or whatever but veal eating is going up because of it. I haven't had veal...maybe only once in my life, because chinese food doesn't have it and other restaurant food generally didn't have it either...
  3. Ironically here in the UK there have been many campaigns/ shows on tv trying to edcuate people about how humane it all is. In fact I was watching something last night on tv where they showed the good conditions that the calves live in.
  4. Both my parents and I love veal, and even my Chi's get veal for dinner often. I refuse to be quite that anal about what I'm eating, less I miss out on something yummy. Though in one restaurant before, I was told the background of my lamb dinner as part of the verbal menu, where it was raised, what it ate, how it was treated, who was invited to its funeral...sounded like it had a pretty darn good life, though I'm sure more than a few customers passed on the lamb that night.
  5. I've given up beef, but even before when I ate beef I never ate veal. There's just something morally wrong about it.
  6. Even if they treated the calf SO humanely beforehand, the idea of eating meat from a calf still bothers me.
  7. ^ ITA with you. I feel the exact same way!
  8. I stopped eating veal in high school after I saw a disturbing special about it on TV and how the calves were inhumanely treated ... I haven't eaten it since. But that's OK, since I never really liked it anyway.
  9. I have never eaten veal, and never will, because those animals suffer relentelessly. If you heard good, humane stories about the treatment of the calf, then it's all propaganda. There is nothing humane about veal. To make the veal taste like they want it to, they have to put the poor animal through many painful things that affect their bodies, I won't go into it on here, because when I found out about it, I cried a lot, it's uncalled for that they are treated this way. If you want to learn what happens to them there are many sites out there that teach it, like God bless those poor little animals.
  10. ^^ I know what happens to the calves and I never touch veal, and now my parents won't, either for that very reason.
  11. ^^That is a very good decision. :yes:
  12. ITA!! That's why I don't eat veal!
  13. exactly! i've never eaten veal and never will. i don't eat lamb either. i can't eat anything so young.
  14. ^ What about pigs? If not killed, they live a long time...10-15 years, but they are killed at 6 months. I don't eat veal, but with the humane raising I don't get these reasons since other animals are treated just as bad. I think that chickens are treated just as bad for eggs (stay in place so eggs can drop down) and cooped in red rooms all day. I say instead of fighting veal, just fight everything and eat organic.
  15. i think it's a personal choice whether to eat meat or not:smile: