My parents' cat is dying...and they're out of town...

  1. OMG you guys I am a wreck about this...I'll try to keep it brief but here goes...

    My folks are in Hawaii for a week. They go every year about this time for some R&R...perfect time to get out of soggy Seattle area weather. I usually go over a few times and check on their cat, feed him, get mail, etc when they're out of town.

    This year, however, I was out of town at the same time they were (different trip) so they got their housekeeper to come over and feed him a few times. She has done this before occasionally so it wasn't anything unusual.

    Well, on Saturday afternoon I got a call on my cell from a # I didn't recognize. Turns out it's the housekeeper (we've never met or spoke before but I know her name). She asked me if I had been over to feed the cat since my folks were out of town. I freaked out b/c I first thought she thought *I* was supposed to be feeding him, not her. Keep in mind she has a nice, thick German accent so it's a little hard for me to understand...

    So she HAD been over there a couple times already, but on Saturday was all frantic b/c the cat was throwing up all over the place. The cat is an indoor cat and stays in a HUGE laundry room which has his litter box, food, perch towers to play on, sleeping area, so there is plenty of room and it's comfortable for him even being in there a few days. But he's throwing up, he hasn't eaten any food...not good.

    She called my folks' vet and her own vet and neither had any room to take him in b/c it was a Saturday or they were just full. Bless her heart, she took the cat to an emergency 24x7 animal hospital (after getting my permission to do so). She didn't want to alarm my folks while they were on vacation, but I knew deep down they needed to know.

    I left my folks a vm on my Dad's cell. I felt so bad having to interrupt their vacation but I knew they needed to know. Meanwhile, the housekeeper called back. She was able to get the cat to the vet (he was very hissy, vicious and obviously stressed, so she had to grab him in a towel to get him in the carrier). The vet said he has kidney failure and 10 days tops to live :crybaby:. My folks are due to come home in about 3 days, so within that 10 day window...

    I called my folks back with the sad news. Fast forwarding a bit, my Dad got a hold of the vet and after talking it over with my Mom the two of them agreed it was the most humane thing to just have the cat put down, even before they got home. They told the vet this. The vet had given the cat something to make him comfortable but I can't help but think the poor thing is suffering.

    So, that was Saturday afternoon. Here's where it gets fuzzy. My Dad, the housekeeper and vet were all in contact (so I thought) about the decision to put the cat down. Something got disconnected at the animal hospital, so the housekeeper took the cat home :shrugs:. She took him out of the carrier, gave him some food on the off chance he might eat something and then was going to check back on him later.

    Meanwhile, it's Saturday night and I'm grieving the loss of the cat. Keep in mind, I'm still out of town myself.

    Sunday morning, the housekeeper calls my cell. I figured she was just circling back to say she was sorry about the loss of the cat, etc.

    That was not the case. The cat WAS STILL ALIVE in my folks' laundry room. She told me she had taken the cat back to my folks' before knowing they wanted him put down. But now he was being so unruly and vicious (understandably) and had gotten up onto one of his cat platforms so he is at eye level and it was too hard for her to grab him again and take him back to have him put down.

    I started sobbing. OMG how horrible is this? My folks decide to put the cat down, we think it happens and turns out he's still alive (barely?) and back at home?

    My Dad and I meanwhile, kept communicating through vm (he's in hawaii, I'm in Vegas and it's just hard to hear phones). Dad says it's out of my hands at this point and don't worry, he will take care of things when he gets home. The housekeeper agreed to check on him again the next day (Monday).

    Meanwhile, I fly home (to the seattle area, a suburb over from my folks). My flight is super delayed so I didn't get home till 2 in the morning. I figured I would go over and check on the cat today (Monday) as I had the day off.

    Now it's snowing and I am not comfortable on the roads. I'm trying to find someone who can take me up their snowy hill to find the cat. I'm sorry, but I just can't bear the thought of my folks coming home to a cat that has possibly passed on in their home and has been in a warm room for a couple of days or so :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:.

    Sorry this was so long...I'm just so upset, so tired, feel like I'm not doing enough to help. I know this would have happened even if my folks had been in town but still this is just so horrible!! The cat is 12, BTW, and we had to put his brother down last year for the same reason...kidney failure....
  2. Oh God, that is so horrible for you. I just don't know what to advise you. I know you are distressed but don't go out & risk an accident your parents wouldn't want that. Hopefully the roads may clear tomorrow & you can go then? Would a vet call out to the house to euthanise the cat, maybe the housekeeper could go there to let him in if she lives closer?
  3. Aww, pursegrrl, I'm so sorry to hear this! You're being so considerate of everyone's feelings in this case, even the kitty! If cost is not a huge issue, you might try to contact your vet and see if he/she will make a housecall to euthanize the cat. Most vets will, though there might be some charge. That way you don't have to worry about stressing yourself out along with the cat trying to get it in the carrier and to the vet. You could take a cab to your parents' home and meet the vet. This is just a difficult situation overall, so sorry!
  4. I am so sorry this is happening to you!

    Is the cat in a lot of pain? Is there a way you can make him comfortable until tomorrow?
  5. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this situation. Yes, definitely ask if the vet will euthanize the cat at home, I was able to do this with my previous cat and it was so less stressful. PM if you need support!
  6. Animals are so beautiful to have aroudn the hosue and it's so sad when they start having problems. I'm sorry you're dealing with this and I'm sure everyone here is thinking about you and your cat. The fact that you care so much about this cat and everyone else makes you an awesome person!:flowers:
  7. Awe, pursegrrl. I don't know what to say or advise. Sorry about your cat. :crybaby:
  8. Hey everybody...I appreciate your posts and advice and help so much!!

    Update: I just had a call from the housekeeper. She was able to make it up to my folks' house in her SUV and the cat is still alive, not suffering. She left him some more food & fresh water. My folks are due home in a little over 24 hours.

    I have been thinking and praying about this all day (actually since Saturday when I first got the call) on what I should do. Part of me wants to spare my folks the agony of having to possibly come home to a dead kitty. If I could get their wishes carried out on their behalf and can arrange that then I should.

    But...another part of me wonders if he has held on about 72 hours now and my folks are due home (and he is in his home), maybe he is hanging in there somehow knowing he should see my folks one last time so they can say goodbye?

    I just had a call from my Dad. They are OK with him being there and they have faith he will be alive when they get home tomorrow and they will say their goodbyes. I've said mine...

    Oh man this is so hard you guys...
  9. I have no advice, but this just breaks my heart. My thoughts goes out to you, your parents and the cat :cry:
  10. You just never know with animals. My friend's cat was in a very bad way a few months ago. We took her back and forth to the vet several times. She wouldn't eat, move, use the litter box, anything. They ran tests, lots of tests, expensive tests. Determined it had a big tumor in its intestines. My poor friend made arrangements to have the cat put down, asked me if I would bury it in my yard. I dug the hole and waited. The cat started eating again. She canceled the euthanasia appointment. Two weeks later I filled the hole back in. The cat is still fine, it has to be eight months already.
  11. Oh gosh, what an ordeal. I am so sorry. I would be a basketcase if this were happening in my family. I have faith that the kitty will hold on and still be alive when your parents arrive home.
  12. Wow, that is a huge ordeal...I am SO SORRY!!! I hope it all turns out OK, your dad sounds very up for whatever fate has in store for the cat...and maybe, as you said, he will pull through somehow...keeping good thoughts for you, this is a very hard situation for you (((hugs)))

    Is it possible he got into something in the laundry room that caused the symptoms??? Can it be possible that he somehow recovered???? I had a cat with kidney failure and he definitely did not spring back at any point. I also had a cat given three months to live and lived 13 go figure.

    In any event, another thing that I wanted to share is that, at least in my state, the Humane Society will come and put down an animal if the owner is not able to get the animal into the vet....for example, an injured animal on the road found by a passer by, or a even a horse ready to cross the rainbow bridge...or in the case of elderly folks who do not drive, etc....

    hopefully nobody will have to make use of this service, but I only just learned of it and wanted to share.
  13. I'm so sorry ... poor kitty... and hang in there.... :sad:
  14. I'm terribly sorry to hear about your cat. I will keep him in my thoughts. My aunt had the same problem with her cat Tabitha. For 4 weeks, she thought that Tabitha was going to pass on, but she survived. My aunt finally put her down about 3 weeks ago because she didn't want to see her suffer anymore. Good luck.
  15. I've had a few people ask me that same thing. It's possible, but in this case not very likely. Honestly, for being a laundry room, this one is about as catproof as it gets. Meaning, all the detergents, cleaners, chemicals, anything you might normally think goes in a laundry room is all stashed in cupboards which close very tightly and there is no way a cat could jump up and open them. Even the extra cat food/kitty litter and treats are stashed away securely. So, for a laundry room, it's pretty spotless.

    Very good to know about the humane society, CB! Thank you for posting that. If worse comes to worse before they get home, I will call them and let my folks know the same.

    Another interesting note: according to the vet, the cat only has one kidney! Anyone ever hear of that happening? I wonder if the same was true with his brother we put down last year (that was never verified). :shrugs: So, poor little guy didn't have a chance once his kidney failed :sad:

    I'll let you know what happens...thanks to each of you again for all your support!