My parents are buying me an ipod nano!


What color ipod should I get?

  1. Teal

  2. Silver

  3. Blue

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. A little background: I now work as a data processor for an office building. My first day there I notice people listening to music while they're typing.

    After my first shift, my dad called me to see how my day went and I jokingly said this job is going to remind me why it would be nice to have an ipod.

    I started talking about possibly asking for one for my birthday or Christmas.

    Later that night, I was talking to my mother, she told me my dad mentioned how I was talking about an ipod and I mentioned birthday or Christmas. Then she said, "We'll buy you one before that."

    Hanging up the phone I thought, you're offering to buy me something with no caveat? Who are you and what have you done with my mother?

    I think they're so happy with the fact that I finally have a job and that my plan is working that they wanted to treat me to something!

    Now the issue is, which color?

    I always thought that if I were to get one, I'd like a pretty little teal one.
    Then I thought silver would with everything.
    Now I learn there's a black one and I'd love people's opinions, because I'm very confused!
  2. My niece has the teal and its really pretty!! TEAL!!
  3. i like the silver:tup:
    congrats on your new job
  4. I voted teal. I have the first generation and I love that they come in white and black with a silver back because it just looks so classic. But with the latest generation, I personally love the red because that's my favourite colour.
  5. I have a black one that I love, and I also bought different color covers for it, so I could change colors with my mood.
    My vote is for silver!
  6. I voted for black. (I meant to write black and wrote blue.)

    My mom's vote is for black.
  7. I personally think the red one is really pretty. But of your top three choices I voted for teal. Ipods look great in bright colours!
  8. I have the teal and it's OK. I wish I had bought the red one. :s
  9. I think you should look into Creative. They offer a great product for a cheaper price.
  10. Agreed. I have a ZVM. Every time I hear people complain about their ipod or itunes, it makes me glad I didn't get an ipod.:p
  11. I love Teal at the moment.
  12. what kind of complains come about itunes and ipod?! I personally love mine. are you getting the new nano video version?
  13. Sorry but Creative sucks, I had bad experience with Creative... I got a problematic Zen, it had a virus...

    I now have an Ipod nano, and also got my husband one as a gift. Already use it for more than 2 years, and works like a charm...
    Mine was the 1st generation in white, hubby's 2nd generation in silver.
  14. Uhh? I had nothing but problems with my Zen:tdown:

    I like the black iPod. So I vote for that...
  15. The ipod nano 3G is so freakin thin! Get the black one! It's so nice I really want one too. But I had a bad experience with my old ipod. My hard drive crashed and I lost all my music, and I couldn't get the music off my ipod. I had to download some cracked program to get the music off and had to reorganize everything!