My parchment ergo - ruined

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  1. I just had to share the latest...

    I was away on vacation for 9 days to New Orleans and on the way back to Colorado, I had accumulated so many new items that I needed to get a rooftop bag for my truck. was supposed to be waterproof and apparently, it wasn't. :tdown: I had three of my bags in the rooftop bag and only my parchment belted ergo tote was damaged. They were each it their dustbags, one stuffed in the other with the large tote on the outside. I packed the trio in a large dust cover and then in the rooftop bag. Now, there are large brown streaks and stains all over it - every surface! :hysteric:

    I tried baby wipes and apple care, but neither worked. I am at a loss and don't even know what to do now. SIGH.....I am so heartbroken. I will post pics tomorrow when I have rested a bit. I am considering trying the rit brand dye removal or even kaboom...I am desperate!! At this point it is already ruined, I may as well try everything.:crybaby:
  2. Call Coach and maybe there's something they can do or suggest? I'm so sorry your bag got ruined, I'd cry I'm sure.
  3. Oh no! I'd cry, too! I'm sorry that happened to your ergo. How sad! I wonder if Coach would cover that or not, they may repair it for a fee.
  4. That is awful!!!! I am so sorry
  5. I am so sorry to hear that! Don't worry sweetie will get through this. Call coach and see what they say ... I am sure they can help. Think have a reason now to get a new bag;)......I am so in love with the magenta madeline, blue bridgit,francine,pleated ergo,mirande....the list is just getting longer and longer!
  6. :crybaby:
  7. OH that is terrible! :crybaby: I am so sorry.. I hope it can be fixed!
  8. Oh brutalangel I'm soooooooooooo sorry! I helped convince you to keep that bag too! Awww :crybaby:poor poor parchment ergo! I hope you can fix it because she is just so darn pretty!!!!! Good luck!
  9. I'd be complaining and seeing if the manufacturer or distributor of the waterproof thing you used would pay for a new bag!! I'd be so sad and pissed off :sad:
  10. Good luck ! I hope coach wil be able to help you,
  11. Oh no! I agree with Renie. I would totally complain to the place that you bought the rooftop bag from. They should know their product is not waterproof like they say it is.
  12. Oh honey I am so sorry this happened to you! I hope it can be fixed!
  13. I am SO sorry this happened to you! How awful, I'd bawl my eyes out. Bah, maybe Coach can help. Don't lose hope!!
  14. Oh no!! :wtf: I am soo sorry! I would contact the company of the roof carrier and maybe even your cc company (is you used one) to buy the bag, a lot of times they will reimburse the cost of the damaged item. :yes:
  15. So sorry this happened... hopefully the other cleaners that your gonna try help!