my paradiso MM! :)

  1. yaaay after such a long time of wanting a paradiso i bought one at hawaii retail price. it wouldn't let me leave unless i bought it. :sad: LOL annnd after it lived at miss : Dana's house for three-ish weeks, it's finally home!! :yahoo:

    yayayayay!! Lol i just wanted to post it in a new thread because i loovee it and rocker dude is on it. ;_; i don't even want to use it cause it might get dirty!!

  2. Hooray, so cute!
  3. how cute! my favorite is the pink-haired girl with the stars :biggrin: yeaa i was using my paradiso zucca today & noticed it got dirty in some spots :crybaby:
  4. cute! mamma mias are the best :yahoo:
  5. thanks gingiemay, kim and maromi!! :smile:

    kim; eek! that's horrible! did you set it down a lot? I'm scared of using it lol
  6. i know i've been a bit more careless with it than usual :sweatdrop:
  7. I :heart: the blue hair rocker dude. He is only on the bottom of my BV too.
  8. LMAO... I miss looking at sushi boy!! :crybaby: Bring him back to my house! LOL Use it already, Shellie!! You scotchgarded it didnt you? :yes:
  9. EEEEEH! SUPER cute paradiso :smile: congrats!!!
  10. Congrats!:tup:
  11. How pretty!!
  12. kim; i've been careless with my inferno too. ><

    qtiekiki; he's awesome!! :nod:

    dana; noooo ;_; i haven't. i can't scotchguard yet...the manager is a butthole. >>;

    thanks moofia, angelic and LVixen!!

  13. hehe, but at least inferno is a print that could take it since it's not that light.
  14. Oh it is so cute...congrats!
  15. Cute!! The pink-haired girl is my favorite!!