My Papaya Reveal (One week late!)

  1. Thanks lisaclaw! I love color as you can tell!
  2. Papaya is one of my all time favorites! Enjoy it and know that some of us are green with envy!
  3. Love both colors!! I love this style, have it in the Sabia color and love it so much, now want to get another color!! Yours are both gorgeous!
  4. I will! One more question if that's okay? What is the color name for the blue?
  5. Thanks tweezer! The Sabia color is really pretty too! You should definitely get it in another color!

    The name of the color is Cobalt, which I think is strange because I wouldn't really describe the color as looking very cobalt in terms of shades of blue. The pictures I have are pretty true to life in my opinion of the color.