My Papaya Reveal (One week late!)

  1. I love the cobalt bag with the bunny charm !!! Beautiful !!
  2. delicious
  3. LOVE!!!! Congrats:smile:
  4. Thanks everyone! :smile:
  5. Stunning Papaya tote!
  6. Gorgeous colours!
  7. Both gorgeous - I LOVE the colours! The bunny charm is adorable too :love:
  8. Gorgeous bags!

    OMG I have to look for that DBF was born in the year of the Rabbit
  9. the papaya is a GORGEOUS colour! so jealous!
    and i'm also totally envious that you have the cobalt blue... :smile: enjoy!
  10. Oh wow - is that pretty!!!!! I love it - enjoy!
  11. Oh I forgot - we NEED a modeling pic please!
  12. Thanks everyone for your sweet compliments! :love:

    Lady Chinadoll, I will try to post some pics soon!

    I actually haven't used my Papaya bag yet, so I will have to take pictures of her "maiden voyage!" :p
  13. Both colors are beautiful and the keychain is so cute! :smile:
  14. OK! Wow Wow! Without sounding like a broken record here....Both bags are fantastic and love the charm too.

    Really nice and Congrats.
  15. Those colors just jumped off the page. Just amazing. I can't decide which one I love more so I will take them both.

    Oh, and I want a bunny. Came close but reconsidered as I have cats. Dogs too but they are afraid of the cats sooo.