My panda cles!

  1. Yay, I got it yesterday! I am now a member of the panda club :amuse: I love him! :love: Such a cute accessory to hang from a bag. Here he is hanging from my mandarin Epi Speedy and my silver Vernis Reade :cool:

    PandaClesEpi.jpg PandaClesReade.jpg
  2. He's so cute! And he can go with anything too. Congrats Cristina!
  3. Yay! Congrats Cristina. I have one as well which I use as an extender on my panda pochette. Isn't it just so so adorable?
  4. Aww.. too cute, congrats Cristina ! ;)
  5. Congrats Cristina! He's soooo cute! :biggrin:
  6. Love it! So cute. :smile:
  7. Thanks guys! :shame: I've picked up a few other LV accessories in the last month. Darn addiction :shame: :P
  8. I love it !!
    the mand speedy is hot too :smile: Is your's a 25 ?

  9. He looks so cute! I can't get over how gorgeous your mandarin speedy is and your new little guy makes it look even better!
  10. :love: totally cute, Cristina
  11. Ypppeee! Panda is soo cute, where did you get him? I was going to ask you if you have seen the Chanel inclusion bracelets???
  12. Thanks! Yes, it's a 25 :smile: I just switched bags to the reade after using the speedy for a week straight. I absolutely love it :love:

    Thanks, Munchkyn & helen! :heart:
  13. I bought it on eBay last week. Oooh, what Chanel inclusion bracelets?! I must see this :graucho: Do you have pictures or a link to where I can see them? I'm so excited for my cuff and my inclusion bracelet to arrive!
  14. Oh Cristina ~ I Love The Panda Cles.....It's So Beautiful!!! It's Super Fabulous On Your Bags!!!!!! Enjoy! :smile:
  15. My sa at the viennese lv store put one on side for me which I will pick up was one of the only 2 ones left in austria:smile:
    happy I snatched one up at retail price1 yours looks sooo cute
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