My pale gold Rocco is discolored and falling apart, can someone please help me?


Mar 16, 2007
My computer will not allow my photos to upload correctly, so i have made an Imgur album-

My Rocco 2 years old, and it is falling apart. Six months in, it started to turn green. Seven months in, the sides started to fray and the piping ripped. I got the piping repaired for free from, but they did nothing to help with the color or wear on the sides.

I barely even use it anymore because the bag is just so soft and worn feeling that it feels like it will break at any moment. When I first got it, it felt super strong and heavy, and now it just feels floppy like it will rip in half. I don't have pets or children, I pretty much only carried it out to dinner and lunch a few times a week, so i'm not sure why this has happened :cry:

Can someone tell me where to start with repairing this bag? Should I get leather honey? Collonil? Sprays or creams? Please help :crybaby:


Jan 15, 2012
That is a sad state of affairs. Wow, it sure didn't hold up well. I have several Roccos but I have many bags in continual rotation and baby my bags. You get get an estimate on getting it professionally re-dyed, but it may just be a better investment to get a new one. They are going pretty reasonably on eBay, just make sure it's authentic. Good luck!