My paddy's in the mail

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  1. After going round and round about what color to order and actually putting the order in for three different colors over the last three days, I final clicked the final order button and I chose the chocolate brown. I'm not sure why but once I picked that color I was positive I wanted a brown one. I already hae a preorder for the wisky and I think I might even get that in the traveler size but the brownis beautiful. I ordered from LVR and my total price less duty (which I don't know what it will be) is $1092. I will let you know how long it takes to get here and my other strong pull was the metallic anthracite. Any thoughts on which one , remeber I am the mother of a 21 year old as well as a 10 year old and several in between and I'm not the youngster you guys are. thanks
  2. Glad you ordered from there! I can't wait to see pic's and then my order will be sent too. I am not young either and right now I dream of the metallic anthracite baby but I am your shoes...14 and 19 yr old girls who already live in my closet! My SS bag was chocolate and I loved that color but we all know that already went back.
  3. I'll say chocolate brown because it's very classy and sophisticated for a woman like you. ;) When I decide to purchase a handbag that'll cost me an arm and a leg, I usually try to go with a classy color since I want the bag to last me for awhile. If it's a cheaper bag, I'll go for more trendy color.
  4. My choco from NAP is on it's way. It's in OH at the DHL facility or something...I hopefully should have by Mon. I'll post pics of both bags then.
  5. Tell them to open up you need it immediately as a present from you to you!:love: