My Paddy with Black Hardware has arrived!!

  1. Hey Girls!
    Got a call last night from my SA that the Black/Black Paddy has arrived! Heading out to see her today -- will keep everyone posted!! YIPEE!:yahoo:
  2. oooh , do share pics!!!! :yahoo:
  3. Woohoo!! Can't wait to see pictures! :heart:
  4. Pictures please!!!!
  5. yay! post piccies as soon as it hits the doorstep!!!!
  6. Congrats!!! Would love to see it :yes:
  7. Ohhh! Need photos!
  8. I'm so intrigued -- can't wait to see pics!
  9. I loved that bag when I saw it on Neimans website, I didnt buy one because I was afraid the hardware would scratch and show thru the black. I hate how the color is different on Chloes hardware when it get scratched. I keep my Paddington locks stored with a baby or toddler sock slipped onto the lock. It help a lot!
  10. OHHHHH dying for pics!!!
  11. While I'm sure my post won't help persuader get her bag a sec faster, I am powerless under the Chloe thrall not to add:


    :sos: please post pics SOON!!

  12. Ok Persuader, I am dying to know if you got your black/black bag and if you love it and when can we see it! :flowers:
  13. I REALLY want to see pics of this too! :flowers:
  14. :smile:
  15. Sorry girls for being MIA. Long story! Regardless here it is. What does everyone think? I'm undecided. I love my anthracite and mousse - this is just so different. I'll let it grow on me for a few more days.:shrugs:
    DSC04197.JPG DSC04198.JPG DSC04199.JPG DSC04200.JPG