My paddy wallet arrived today...opinions?

  1. NAP sent me the Anthracite Paddy wallet that I had asked about back in December.

    Up until I took I out of the Chloe box I was sure that I was sending it back to NAP. I wanted to be unimpressed and hate it. :sad:

    BUT: It is so gorgeous and the leather is amazing :love: is hard to believe that it is a wallet - I have never owned a wallet so has a magnetic closure front pouch and then the interior has 8 cc slots and the interior coin pouch, just like most zippy wallets like this.

    Be honest ladies, is it a keeper? (keep in mind that my Prada wallet, which is the same zippy style, is less than 2 months old).
    w2.jpg w3.jpg w4.jpg
  2. The little padlock is so cute! Keep it!!!
  3. very nice. if you like it keep it!
  4. I think it's cute. Is it heavy though? The only thing that sort of bothers me is that the lock doesn't seem to actually "Lock" anything.
  5. Sounds like you really love it- so why not keep the Chloe and sell the prada wallet on E-bay (less guilt that way :smile:
  6. Looks like a keeper to me! :biggrin:
  7. Keep it! It's lovely! :love:
  8. I think it's really cute. I almost like it more than the original paddy and the 3 slots seem nicely set up.
  9. wow that is really cute! do the zippers work smoothly? does it get stuck at any point? i have the chocolate brown one that came out last year and sometimes my zipper gets stuck going on the 3rd side, so i leave one side unzipped, which isn't horrible. but hmmm that sure is tempting to get for my anthracite paddy!!!!
  10. Thanks for the compliments guys - I know many of you don't like the paddy style that much. I may unlock the lock and just store it; it does nothing on the wallet. It is heavier than the Prada wallet; but, probably not heavier than any other leather wallet.

    The zipper is great, it does not get stuck -I just whipped it around the wallet 3 times, no sticking - the zipper is chunky too, which I like. Fayden, you would love it. :biggrin:

    Yeah - I think the Prada wallet will be going to eBay, I just have to find the damn authenticity card.

    here is a pic of the anthra paddy family:
  11. GORGEOUS!!!!! :love:
  12. UUUUUUGHHHH you're killing me with those dee-lish-ish pictures!!! UUUGHHHHHHHH oooo i want i want i want. so the lock unlocks? wow, that is soooo cool.
  13. i absolutely adore this wallet. don't remove the lock, it's so cute!!
  14. you could have it before the wknd if you ordered it from NAP now. ;)
  15. Wow..with the bag! It looks amazing! Keep it!