My Paddy Rouge!

  1. What do I think!! Well, I think it is absolutely gorgeous, that's what I think!! The leather is so nice and smooshy pebbly!! You'll love it! One of my fav colors on the Paddy. Congratulations on finding and getting your Rouge Paddy! :smile: :smile: :smile:
  2. Gorgeous bag!! :heart: the rouge. This color has been tempting me too!!
  3. wow that is a hot color!
  4. Hi Nita,
    So glad it came. Come on, we are dying to see a piccie of you carrying it! :biggrin:

    Congrats, that is such a gorgous bag :smile:
  5. The bag is TDF nita!
    The rouge is definitly my fave colour, Loves it!
  6. THAT'S HOT.
  7. Gorgeous!! Congrats on your Rouge Paddy!
  8. What a gorgeous colour for the Paddy! Congrats, nita!
  9. What a beauty! Congrats!
  10. Congrats!!! It's absolutely gorgeous:tender: and great price too.:yes:
  11. Beauty! enjoy that gorgeous red Paddy:yes:
    Great photos too.
  12. Hot Hot Hot!
  13. i saw a girl wearing a baby paddington in this colour. it was so hot. i want one now!