my paddy mousse nightmare

  1. hi all i recently bought a mousse paddy of of eBay it was advertised as model display with a missing key, so i thought great i can live without the key ill try ordering another from chloe! when it arrive i found that the padlock would not close, i emailed the seller saying the padlock does not work and he told me how could it if it didnt have a key!this is only my second paddy and my first was the aubergine colour with similar silver hardware, from this i was under the impression that the locks closed without a key but obviously you need a key to open it!
    on closer inspection the padlock seems very light, i stated thinking that maybe there was no mechanism inside or something? i emailed net-a-porter and they told me to get on to chloe and they will replace and the key.
    i paid £199 for it and the actual bag its self is gorgeous and brand new, totally authentic.......
    chloe have not got back to me and im starting to wounder whether it was such a good buy after all!:cursing:
  2. oh no, you poor thing. Its awful when something happens to the padlock, as it is essentially what makes the bag a paddington. Email them again, or call the Chloe Paris store direct for the address to return the padlock to for repair.

    In the meantime, have you tried the key from the bag you already have (or do you no longer own your first paddy?, to see if you can lock it with that? or do you have a store close enough to you that you could go to and see if the keys on the paddys there would also lock yours????

    hope you get a resoloution :biggrin:
  3. i will call paris and speak to them, i sold my aubergine one but on that the padlock closed by its self, i dont live anywhere near a store so...
    its a shame im dying to use it but hopefully fingers crossed i will get it sorted!
  4. Are you sure its authentic at that price?
  5. yes it definately 1000% authentic the bag is truely gorgeous smells beautiful, it has the new 10number and its identical to my authentic aubergine paddy, i thought it was a bargin when i thought the padlock im not so sure????:confused1:
  6. guess what everyone i just fixed my padlock!!!!

    i was sat they looking at my bag and thought im gona fix a small screwdriver out and......
    it turns out a bit the the original key had broken off inside and was stopping it from working!:yahoo:
    i cant belive it

    now just got to find a key!!!!

    maybe this bag will turn out to be a bargin after all???
  7. Im happy for you that you have managed to fix it, after all it wouldnt be a paddington without the lovely padlock. you definetly got a bargain there.

    Enjoy it :smile:
  8. oooh well done!!!

    you have to show us piccies of her now, I feel like we know her already lol ;)
  9. yay, congrats!

    any pics for us?
  10. ill get one or you she lovely, i love her to bits and shes a little bit special to me now, its amazing how simple those locks are though, its just a bit of metal with a spring....mad....when you put the key it must just pull the sping back to realese the lock and when you take the key out it must pring back.
    i reckon everyone that has problems with thier paddys is because the spring inside has come out of place or just needs lubricating.
  11. One of the girls on pf ordered the replacement lock and key for $100 so even if you wind up getting it you still have a hell of a deal. Maybe you could post on eBay a want ad for a key, other people may have extra's for padlocks that were either lost or broken.
  12. i thought about doing that on ebay now ive fixed thw padlock i couldnt be happier:yahoo:
    a key will just be the icing on the cake!
  13. here some pics, they are not very good as its night time here, but here she is all fixed.....
    P1010172.JPG P1010170.JPG P1010174.JPG P1010173.JPG
  14. Well done, indeed! It must make you feel that much closer to your new paddy!