My Paddington Trio

  1. Hi All, i've been inspired to share my Paddington collection. I've only had the tan one out a handful of times, I do find it a bit big and heavy but I love my minis.

    The Tan is SS05 I think, I got both minis last year but not sure of the official colour or seasons, i'm sure someone here can tell me though:smile:

    Also, how do you upload images as part of the post not as an attachment?
  2. What a pretty collection!!

    The tan looks so yummy in that pic :love:
  3. Beautiful bags there Audrey, what a stunning little collection.

    The red mini looks like rouge to me :yes:
  4. Beautiful collection, Audrey! Great colours! Gotta love that tan!
  5. Pretty, love the rouge!
  6. Great collection.
  7. Lovely bags!
  8. Great collection!
  9. I love them all! I wish I COULD carry a regular sized Paddy. Those were the first Chloes I fell in love with. Unfortunately for some doggone reason they just don't look that good on me. So congrats on a beautiful trio!
  10. Nice collection, love the colors.....
  11. WOW! Very nice collection. I love the red.
  12. Gorgeous......
    Just wondering how much stuff can you fit in the mini?
  13. What a lovely collection - great colour choice! :heart:
  14. They are so cute :love: !!! Very lovely collection!!!!!
  15. Hi charger,

    it fits a fair bit in the mini, much more than you would think :yes: