My Paddington messenger bag arrived today! Its LOVE!

  1. awww many congrats its STUNNING!! i love it with ur outfit!! many congrats again.. i am a big fan of the shoulder paddy style :biggrin:
  2. I was curious about what this bag looked like IRL. It's very nice! Congrats!
  3. OMG, you got yourselve a gorgoues bag at a great price....It really suits you!
  4. Excellent choice, looks fab on you :tup:
  5. Looks great on you! Just as a reference, how tall are you?
  6. It's gorgeous!!! Love the style!! Congrats!

  7. I'm a shorty. I'm 5'4"
  8. It looks great on you Jem! And the black lock is really cool.
  9. OMG!!!! I can't believe you such a great bag at an unbelievable price, Congrats..
  10. That is one good looking bag! Great deal!
    I think it's perfect for working girls, the messenger! Enjoy your bag hon! It looks great on you!
  11. I love the style and the color. Just gorgeous. And I just don't throw those words around. :p Wow, I'm really jealous. And for that price! :wtf: How did you get the 40% off? a coupon code?
  12. Congrats!! That bag looks great on you -- super deal on a paddy!!
  13. Home run!! you smacked that ball outtof the park! I remember seeing this bag at NM/Chicago last year at this time. I thought it was really really neat.
  14. Gorgeous bag! I LOVE that black lock! Looks fab on you & what a great price! Enjoy and congratulations! Soo good you stuck to your guns for the extra 40% off - so worth it! I'm happy for you! ;)