My Paddie needs help =(

  1. Hello Ladies,

    The threading on my paddie is coming off. It completely ruined my day (and probably the rest of my week) :crybaby:. Do any of you ladies know whether or not I can send the bag back to Chloe for them to fix it?
  2. I would certainly call your local Chloe Boutique, and ask them what they can do about it.

    Sorry to hear it has ruined your day :sad: I hope they can sort it out for you.
  3. The threading of my Edith popped out as well. I know exactly how you feel. What I did was I went to a Chloe shop & had it fixed. I got it in just 2 days & paid US30. But it also depends on the condition of your bag.

  4. The threading on what part? I too am having this problem, but only with the threading on one of the tabs that go over lock so I'm going to ignore for now since it's not too serious. I stupidly thought it was a piece of lint and picked at it :sad: Try not to worry about it, Chloe will be able to fix it!
  5. Oh dear. Hope they fix it for you. My Paddy hasn't had the problem but I worry with the large loose stitches of the Edith that it may happen. Update us on how it goes.
  6. I have fixed threads coming loose on a few of my bags... but if you feel more secure with Chloe fixing it, take it to them!
  7. A couple of the threads on the edge of the side pouch, where the pouch closes, are coming loose on my paddy satchel.

    I am trying not to care :Push:

    Practicing the art of being zen and all - hee hee

    Also, a puppy put a single needle-sharp tooth in the handle. It looks like a tiny pin prick. Again, with the zen, hoping for "character"!!
  8. aww thanks for the concern guys. The threading is coming off on the outside pouch (the threading which connects the pouch to the bag) and I think it has to do with the weight of the lock. I've stopped using it altogether because it looks as if it'll get worse. I called Chloe and they said I needed to send the bag back to the place of purchase which in this case happens to be Luisa Via Roma. =(