My Oxblood First arrived just now!!!!

  1. Woohoo! The UPS man *just* delivered my Oxblood First!!! She's gorgeous!!! The leather is sooo much smoother and nicer than the Bordeaux I had! I love this one even more!!!! The first pic is w/ flash, 2nd w/o flash, and 3rd is a close up. I'll post a comparison pic with the Bordeaux next. I'm sooo happy!!!!!! :biggrin: :love: :biggrin: :love:
    Oxblood Flash.jpg Oxblood no flash.jpg Oxblood close up.jpg
  2. Pretty!
  3. Ok, here are comparison pics. The Bordeaux(left) vs. Obxlood(right):
    Bbag on sofa.jpg Oxblood no flash.jpg
  4. Thanks, Tln! I wasn't sure how the leather was going to be because it looked marbly in some pics, but it's not marbly or veiny at all! I love it! :smile:
  5. OMG they look exactly the same..the oxblood looks more matte and less veiny..yummy!!!!:love:
  6. PUP- Congrats!!! It is sooo beautiful! The leather is TDF!!!!!! LOVE it!
  7. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  8. Ooh, that looks stunning and the leather looks good! Cheers to you!
  9. WOW .... CONGRATS Pup.... :flowers: !! Great color, I like it :love:
  10. wow what a name for such a beautiful bag!!!
  11. hip, hip, hooooooooooooray for Pupsterpurse, i knew you'd :heart: it!!!

    p.s. hope you gals believe me now about the new leather :smile:
  12. It's beautiful pupsterpurse. They are similar in color, but hands down, the oxblood quality is much better. Enjoy!
  13. :love: It's incredible! Congrats!!!!!:shocked: :love:
  14. Thanks, ladies! :smile: I couldn't believe the similarity in color when I first opened the box--I had to check to make sure it was an Oxblood and not a Bordeaux!!! The difference is in the gorgeous leather!!! *swoons*:love: :love: :love: Although, the Oxblood IRL seems a teeny teeny teeny bit more red to me. I'm sooooo happy right now....:heart:
  15. Ooh! BIG difference in the leathers! I hope my blue-grey City has that gorgeous leather! Congrats!