My own personal Hermes fetish!

  1. Hm, what could she be talking about???

    No, it's not croc. We know HC loves a good load of croc!!! in her closet, that is.

    It's the little brown ribbons!!!!!!!! I collect them for every year because they say the year of the.... on favorite is the year with the shooting star, my prized one!!! Sadly I only have a very small piece of it, but hey I have it!!

    anyone else save these too for this reason? ha ha! probably not? i'm a loon, right?:yes::shame:
  2. a cute loon that is! ;)
  3. Oooh, you should make a wig out of it.
    Or if you have oodles of it, lay it in a shallow rectangular dish and have it as a cushion for your bangles.
    I love the ribbon, too.
  4. HC, you're not a loon! I save the ribbons for different years too, although I'm not exactly sure what I plan on doing with them. It's been awhile since I've sifted through the ribbon pile so I don't know exactly what I have--just a few years I think.
  5. LOL!!! maybe i should make a hat out of them. i need a brown hat!
  6. but, if any of you have them from the stars year can you please give them to me?? ha ha is that blunt enuf??
  7. my stars one is like only about six inches long, baaaah.
    i am also very fond of the lion! but you all know that...actually there is a little
    gold lion on eBay right now - but i have sworn off charms...
  8. i used to have literally boxes of it it my closet....until RAOK that is LOL...and then I wrapped it all around giftie now I'm down to almost nothing...except i saved guessed it, the star one!!! (now i am rolling eyes at myself).
  9. I have them in drawers, the back of shelves, bottom of boxes. I don't do anything with them, but there's something about throwing them away...I don't know 'bad luck' maybe?:shrugs:
  10. I keep mine too, I love the ribbon, I also keep the carrier bags, I just have too many of those! am going to look through keep an eye out for HC favourite one.

    I keep everything hermes even the tissue paper they wrap my bags in,
  11. thanks neish!! my head is i need a little weiner's up...i'm gonna borrow him lucy, K??? TIA!!! I'll make him a weiner's up brown Hermes ribbon collar LOL.
  12. I have at least 12 diffrent ones but I didnt have extras of 1999. I just checked. I have lots of 2000 and 2002 tho if you want those
  13. thank you seton, that is so sweet! :love:
  14. i have a bag full but they're all plain or year of the dance.
  15. Nah, HC. You are not a loon! If you are then I am one too :p because I keep these ribbons as well. Since I only started buying Hermes in 2002, I only have the ribbons from that year onwards & a special year 2000 ribbon.

    I love the prints on the ribbon. They make a good decoration.