My own Mini Lin *Mini Pochette*!

  1. I did it...I took the plunge...! With a trusty pair of round-nose pliers, I pulled off the permanently-attached chain of the mini lin Bucket and put it on the little pouch instead!

    For those of you who aren't as familiar with the Bucket, it comes with a matching zipped pouch and can be attached to a chain inside the bag. The annoying part is that the pouch looks like it's missing something without a chain when on its own, and a chain is always dangling inside the bucket. Since I hardly ever use the two together, I decided it would be more useful and cute to take the chain off the Bucket and place it permanently on the pouch instead so I can use it as a clutch!

    Pics pics pics:

    As a clutch:


    As a little bag:

  2. How much can it hold inside?

    It looks so cute!
  3. I love it!
  4. Cute, I don't think I would of thought to do that. :yes:
  5. oooooohhhh! i want the bag in DUNE. i didn't know it was un-attachable...looks as if i'll be following in your
  6. Very cute! I want one! :smile:
  7. It's a lot bigger than a mini pochette accessoires but smaller than a regular pochette. It's about 7" wide and about 4" in height.

    In my opinion, I find it big (which is why I want to go purchase a true mini pochette) because it can fit all my makeup and tools, but then again I don't wear a whole lot of makeup! I took it on vacation with me and stuffed it with makeup, pills, oil sheets, eye drops, feminine hygiene products..haha. I think it is the perfect size for a pencil case for school, which is probably what I'll end up using it as after I get a mini pochette.
  8. I've thought about doing that with my mono but it was my first lv and can't bring myself to do it.

  9. awesome!:biggrin:
  10. Make sure you use very smooth round-nosed pliers. I used two different round-nosed pliers: one very smooth, and one cheaper pair with a slightly rougher texture and that one left [small] impressions in the metal from the pressure. The other pliers (which were double the price of the crappier ones) left no marks whatsoever, although I pressed pretty hard to pull the loop open and closed :yes:
  11. I Love It!
  12. Great job! Congratz for your success!
  13. congrats
  14. That is creative. I love it!
  15. Oh that is sooo pretty!