my own experience from korea hospitals

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  1. i sent email and kakao chat with many respective hospitals,, during the online evaluation and consultation they tend to recommend you to do ALOT of procedures, be more friendly and quote you MUCH higher.

    when you arrive to korea however, the procedures they suggest will be greatly reduced and you can bargain with them. here are some hospitals i consulted with:

    • da- free ct scan. pretty place but not over the top, ridiculously high price, again looks like a rip off factory didnt even bother to bargain and leave rightaway. :tdown:
    • girin- free ct scan,place seems dirty and outdated, very reasonable price.
    • dream-pretty place but looks like a rip off factory. prettier than da but not as extravagant as jewelry. acceptable price but didnt like the staff, they seem dishonest to me.there were like two other clients when i was there :tdown:
    • braun- looks more like a formal hospital,free ct scan, but the waiting time was crazy..
    • jewelry- the fanciest out of all the clinics ive went to, staff wasnt rude but seem untrustworthy, the over the top interior makes me trust them less and feel like im gona be ripped off ALOT.

    all hospitals recommend me the same procedures, fat graft, rhino, ptosis correction and nothing else. i ased all hospitals if i can do fc, all declined except girin, they told me i can choose to do fc but it wont make much difference so it may not really worth it.

    ill goto korea next week and give another update report. :smile::rolleyes: feel so nervous though as i am going alone, i dont speak any korean and i always feel like they'll quote us much higher :cry::shucks:
  2. Thank you for sharing:smile:

    One question, which language did you use to communicate when you were in Braun? Plus, did you see anyone recovering from facial contouring?
  3. i used chinese. i m comfortable with both languages but frankly, there are more staff that can speak in chinese than english in all the clinics ive been to. usually its the dr who r the only one who can speak english (barely) and no i didnt see anyone reocvering from fc in braun,
  4. This is so helpful, thank you! Do you know if they quote you higher when you use chinese vs english?

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