***My own debate about a red Chanel***

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  1. Hello Ladies,
    For the longest time I want to add to my collection a red classic Chanel. In the pictures you will see some of my dark Chanel family members and some of the light Chanel classics.

    You will see that I love the reissues and have 4 of them (one is not in the pic). I have additional Chanel bags that are not in the pictures but they are all on the greyish/black site!

    Now my question:

    Is the addition of the red reissue 226 a good decision or should I wait for a red jumbo instead? I have 4 reissues and only 2 jumbos. I read that there will be a red lamb jumbo I think for 2013 Spring.

    Basically the question boils down to: Red reisssue pictured or a red jumbo from spring 2013?

    Help me out as my SA can not held the red 226 forever:smile:

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  2. Personally I would wait for the Jumbo, but both are beautiful. Good Luck making your decision :biggrin:

    BTW gorgeous collection :love:
  3. Thanks, cfca22! That's exactly the issue - I have to wait even longer, and do not know the shade of the upcoming red.....
  4. Yes that't true I HATE waiting forever. Would you think of getting both if the Red is totally different?
  5. I am a classic flap fan myself BUT when I saw this red reissue in the store I LOVED IT. I actually like it more than the caviar classic 12A that most people bought.

    I think if you love it, especially that shade of red, GET IT because you never know what shade of red will come out next. It could have an orange tint or a fuschia tint, be too dark or too light. So if you love this one I would get it now. Hope that helps a bit!
  6. Red jumbo! I have not seen a red reissue that I like.
    great bags!
  7. I liked it in the store, so effortless to carry. Still debating...
  8. The red question! For me, i can't seem to get enough red. I just ordered a 12a red caviar kisslock clutch, have the 12c lamb jumbo and am debating if i should get a 12a red maxi (located just one!). This reissue is especially stunning and looks very wearable. The cruise reds are usually bright and fun so 13c should not disapoint either, its a tough call and my two cents are just my personal preference of red in classic flaps and reissues in more muted colors (grey being my favorite)
  9. I love red! The reissue eed was a no for me at first but I'm really loving the color more and more!
  10. You have such a gorgeous collection!

    I am a bit biased because I prefer the understated look of the reissue over the classic. I have the 226 red reissue and I just love how low maintenance and wearable it is since I wear mostly solid colors. Good luck with your decision :smile:
  11. I like Red on Jumbos! Red doesn't look right on a reissue to me. I like a more burgundy color for reissues.
  12. Lovely collection. I love your grey reissue. If i were you, i will choose red reissue. I'm was on your opposite condition. When i bought my red classic flap, i want red reissue, but my local store doesnt have it. So i bought jumbo red 12a. I prefer reissue over jumbo. Good luck on deciding.. :smile:
  13. First, congratulations on your great collection. I like the reissue bags a lot, but not in red. I would certainly get the red jumbo. Good luck! :smile:
  14. I do not know whether you have seen this reissue in person but I was really surprised how much I actually liked at the first sight already. The only issue is I woudl prefer this reissue to be with GHW!

  15. The 13C red jumbo will be in lambskin. I just need to find the patience to wait until they become available!