my outlet trip

  1. So on our way to the beach DH and I stopped by the outlet in Williamsburg VA briefly (they were closing in an hour). My ultimate goal was a choc cotton carly but since everytime I called they had only 1 or none I wasn't to hopeful, I was willing to settle for anything in it though. So we walk through the door and I spot to cotton stuff on a table to the left immediately. The SA greeted DH but I was off the the races. So anyway onto the important stuff they had 2 choc cotton med carlies (what I really REALLY wanted). I picked up one of those, an owl keyfob, a couple of initial charms (didn't have an E for my daughter) and a scarf. Everyone was EXTREMELY nice and helpful! We are going back again one day this week when we have more time and I will post pics when I can since I'm currently on my cell phone. Sorry that was so long guess I'm just bored riding in the car. I just want to give major props to the wonderful SAs there again!
  2. everything sounds awesome, congrats gurly!
  3. oo congrats! cant wait for pics =]
  4. WOW congrats, you should have picked one up for me hehe! can't wait to see pics. And your so lucky you get to go to the beach!
  5. I'm so glad you found what you wanted! Congrats!
  6. sounds like a great trip!
  7. well virginia is for <--I guess that really had nothing to do with anything.... i've never been to the williamsburg outlet, though I called them because the closest one to manassas (leeseburg) didn't have any ergos yet, and williamsburg did... but still williamsburg is about three hours away from manassas, so it's a long drive....have a great time at the beach! where did you go virginia beach?
  8. LOL!! Congrats on finding what you were looking for!! I won't be able to hit an outlet for a couple weeks and I can only hope that they still have some nice stuff left.
  9. WOO! :yahoo: Haha yep, the table to the left. I'm soo glad they had the Carly. I didn't recall that. But Congrats! :yahoo:I'm sorry they didn't have an E charm, they didn't have any A charms when I went. :sad: The SA's there are sooo nice. UGH was the traffic HORRIFIC, or did you luck out?
  10. That is great! I love finding exactly what I want at a great price! Congrats on a great bag.
  11. We live in Roanoke so the outlet is a good ways away but my grandfather lives in VA Beach and his bday is the 5th so we came to see him, so the answer is we are going to/at virginia beach. I see in you signature your going to myrtle next month, I'm jealous.
  12. Oh I hope you find what you want when you go, I was sure they wouldn't have anything for me so I will hope for you too
  13. Sounds like you had a great time and got some awesome stuff. Early congrats to you!
  14. :yahoo:
  15. Ok I'm confused....I thought that they only had large Carly Cotton Signatures. Have I missed something?